13:44 GMT16 May 2021
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    In an exclusive interview, the author of a new book about US Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump has told Sputnik that the world would be a more dangerous place under a President Trump, who is perceived as a loose cannon.

    In his latest book, 'Trump on Trump', best-selling author George Beahm follows Trump through the primaries and exposes a man who says what he means but whose foreign policy may lead to a much more dangerous world.

    Beahm told Sputnik:

    "Trump speaks plainly, [people] understand what he says. He gets angry. There's no political correctness with the guy. This is one reason why he's so popular with [Russian President] Putin. Putin perceives Trump as being very much like him in that sense. A Moscow-based expert told Reuters that Trump and Putin are 'both open-minded, pragmatic and say what they think'. That's part of the appeal that Trump has for Putin," he told Sputnik.

    Beahm believes that Trump's isolationist policy would lead to a change in NATO. 

    "Trump feels that the US — if it wouldn't pull out of NATO — would require other members to pay more. He basically has an isolationist policy which is based on dollars and cents. He feels that the country has a massive national debt that is heading toward a cliff and a lot of that is [because] of the US paying for military protection all over the world. "

    "[Trump's] views have been very superficial at this point. He doesn't understand foreign policy - it's not his strong suit. He would have to have really good advisers to help him out. The problem is that he speaks his mind plainly right now and the Russians are taking him at face value. People really don't know what Trump may or may not do."

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (L) and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are seen in a combination of file photos
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    Asked by Sputnik whether the world would be a more dangerous place with Trump as president, Beahm replied:

    "At the end of the day, I would say yes. It would be a more dangerous place, because I think that right now, foreign policy is the key issue. Donald Trump is focused on the economy and the national debt. We need to start defusing some of the problems around the world. We need to convince Europe that we're going to stand by our foreign policies and work with Europe instead of simply withdrawing and saying 'America first' because we all live on the same planet."

    Joke Candidate?

    "As I said, from the beginning of Trump's campaign, nobody took him seriously. That may well be Hillary Clinton's fatal flaw. She initially dismissed him (in her words) as 'entertaining' and only last month made a comment about the need to take him seriously. It is, unfortunately, too late for her to start taking him seriously — he's now the presumptive Grand Old Party (GOP) nominee.

    "What's happened with this election is unprecedented in our history. We have two candidates that have so polarized the nation that we will likely have the biggest turnout among general voters for any recent election. What would normally be a humdrum election has turned into the ultimate reality TV show, with the highest possible stakes."

    ​"From my perspective, despite Trump's obvious gaffes, I think he will be the next US president, unless Hillary takes a hard look at how she's campaigning, how she's handling Trump, and how she can best sell herself to the American public, who chose not to vote for her over Obama as the Democractic party nominee. Moreover, those who are disenchanted with Obama see her as an extension of his policies, to her detriment. So Hillary's got an uphill battle on her hands," Beahm told Sputnik.


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