18:32 GMT29 November 2020
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    Don Morrison, a spokesman of Scottish National Party (SNP) Vote Leave said that the EU has absolutely dangerous approach taken over Ukraine where the EU has been trying to tempt Ukraine into membership.

    EDINBURGH (Sputnik) — The European Union’s "catastrophic" approach to Ukraine is one of the main reasons to vote for the United Kingdom's exit from the bloc, a spokesman for a new campaign group made up of Scottish National Party (SNP) members who support a Brexit vote told Sputnik.

    "One of the strong reasons I believe the EU is absolutely dangerous has been their approach taken over Ukraine where the EU has been trying to tempt Ukraine into membership. NATO have been doing the same thing," Don Morrison, a spokesman of SNP Vote Leave said.

    Morrison called the reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin absolutely expectable and expressed his outrage with the lack of competence among the EU leaders on the issue of anti-Russia sanctions.

    Last month EU Commissioner Phil Hogan told Sputnik sanctions had been "very damaging," costing the European economy 53 billion euros ($59 billion) per annum.

    Morrison, whose new campaign was officially launched Thursday, said the cost in Scotland had been felt across all sectors, but especially among the fishing industry.

    "Fishermen in Peterhead in the north east of Scotland lost £14 million [$20 million] in lost mackerel sales in the first four months following the introduction of sanctions. We shot ourselves in the foot by backing sanctions. It’s no wonder the whole fishing community are now very strongly in favour of backing the campaign for Leave as you would expect," Morrison, an SNP member for 50 years and former local party chairman, said.

    Morrison told Sputnik that the United Kingdom forced Russia to turn toward the East and it had turned its back on the West. The clock of the bilateral relationships has been put back 40 or 50 years because of the doings of unelected and unaccountable European Union, he said.

    According to the veteran SNP activist, support for an EU exit among party members is running around 30 percent.

    "Polls suggest that about 30 percent of SNP members back a vote to Leave the EU. People I have spoken to within the SNP have mixed views just as views are mixed amongst the wider public," Morrison said.

    The SNP leadership are currently campaigning to remain in the bloc but the party’s spokesman on Europe, Stephen Gethins, told Sputnik a common approach was needed by the European Union to develop a coherent and unified policy toward Russia.

    "We need a common approach in the EU to working with Russia. Like colleagues in the SNP I continue to support sanctions and working with our partners in the EU on policy towards Russia," Gethins told Sputnik.

    UK voters will take part in a referendum on June 23 to decide whether the Britain should exit the bloc.


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