11:06 GMT +328 March 2017
    Polish farright activists hold anti-EU banner as they take part in demonstration against accepting over 2000 immigrants to Poland, Warsaw on a July 25, 2015

    'Poland is Dying Under EU Occupation': Warsaw Should Follow British Suit

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    Poland has been hindered by EU membership and would have outclassed even Germany had it not joined the European Union, Polish politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke said, adding that if the British decided to exit the EU, Poland should follow suit.

    Though admitting that Warsaw has been receiving financial assistance from the EU, Korwin-Mikke, the founder of the libertarian conservative party KORWiN, said that Poland had lost more than it had gained.

    “We could live like kings… Our economy was growing 8 percent […] before we entered the EU. Now we are down to 1 percent, sometimes 2. These losses are absolutely terrible,” he complained, adding that “if we had maintained the previous growth rate would have been ahead of Germany.”
    Janusz Korwin-Mikke insisted that “Poland is dying under EU occupation” and therefore should leave it.

    Moreover, he believes that the the entirety of Europe is dying, people will soon take to the streets and that Europe will plunge into a major crisis  before 2018.

    Speaking about the US presidential candidates, he said that Hillary Clinton's win would speed up the start of WW3 and that Donald Trump, though not exactly God’s best gift to humanity either, would be a “lesser evil.”

    “Mrs. Clinton is supported by the Jews who hate Iran, and by companies, which build arms. Do you really think the Turks shot down the Russian plane without receiving prior assurances from Mrs. Clinton that they would get away with it?” Korwin-Mikke wondered.

    He said that Ukraine, Syria or Taiwan could all serve as a pretext for WW3, but added that Poland would be better off with Trump in the White House because "Trump does not want to make war with Russia."


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      Poland the professional victim, who is the largest debtor nation in the EU. If the UK manages to get out, then there will be no child benefit, paid by the British tax payer, for the Polish is the UK to send home to their families. Plus, a creditor nation will leave the EU and how will the minimal creditor nations be able to afford all the debtor nations? Poland has done very well from the EU, now the cash tap is being turned off, they want to leave?
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      This guy actually knows what's going on. Good man.
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      poland outclassing germany...now there's a thought.
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