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    Police are seen outside Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland

    Scottish Cops Train Police in Nations With Dubious Human Rights Records

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    New allegations have emerged that the Scottish police are so strapped for cash, they have decided to train foreign police forces who operate in countries that practice human rights abuse.

    The Chief Constable of police for Scotland admitted his force are under huge financial strain and this is impacting them to such a degree they have been forced to train police in foreign countries that openly partake in human rights abuses.

    Phil Gormley told the Home Office Select Committee that the budgetary constraints are so bad that they have had to seek out new ways of bringing in some extra cash, as a result they have had to start training police forces in countries who abuse their citizens, this is something that clearly violates the strong human rights values of the UK.

    Gormley was questioned by MPs after it was revealed that Scotland was providing training in countries such as Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates. Sri Lanka has been accused of raping and beating their citizens.

    Gormley said he was "legitimately raising revenue" and was operating with the full knowledge of the Scottish Government and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

    "We are under significant budgetary pressures. If you can legitimately raise revenue in terms of cost recovery from sporting events or through the delivery of training domestically or internationally, then we will seek to do it," said Gormley in his statement to the Committee.

    The Committee also asked him if he could afford the manpower to send employees abroad to conduct the training, to which he replied, yes. 
    The training by the Scottish police has been praised by officials and party members in Scotland; however they also said that a watchful eye must be cast over countries that practice such harsh and disgraceful regimes.

    "I've always been proud of the training provided to overseas students at the Scottish Police College, but that must not be allowed to become a fig leaf of approval for abusive regimes," John Finnie MSP, the Scottish Greens spokesperson on Justice, told Sputnik.

    MP Finnie also believes that where we can be sure the work of the Scottish Police actually contributes positively to improve human rights in these countries then the argument would be for them to continue training these foreign forces.

    "Police Scotland training must challenge human rights abuses, not put a gloss on them. That means being clear about the human rights record of the regimes it works with, and having a clear plan to improve those records."

    The issue will be raised by the MP when he next sees the Chief Constable, "I'll be raising this issue with the Chief Constable, and seeking details about the training that Police Scotland are providing. I want to make sure that Scotland's influence on human rights around the world is always a positive one."


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