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    People surround a group of US Army Stryker armored vehicles from the 3rd Squadron of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, during a stop on the Kosciuszko Market Square to meet residents, in Bialystok, Poland (File)

    Hamburgers and Missile Shields: Why Poles are So Eager to Host NATO Bases

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    The latest demonstration of Poles' enthusiasm for NATO is the introduction of classes in school about the alliance; Professor Anna Razny told Sputnik Poland that Polish people are so keen to be "Americanized," that they are willing to overlook the alliance's catastrophic interventions in the Middle East and elsewhere.

    In the grip of enthusiasm about the alliance's July summit in Warsaw, the city's local authorities have prepared two months of lectures about NATO for schoolchildren.

    The classes, scheduled to last up to four hours a week, will cover a variety of topics, including Poland's participation in NATO war-games and the bloc's potential permanent base in the country (something Germany has opposed). 

    Professor Anna Razny of Krakow's Jagiellonian University told Sputnik Poland that the lessons are another demonstration of Poles' eagerness for "Americanization."

    "I think that this is a very important process for Poles' national identity. I call it the Americanization of national identity, since NATO is a certain element of the American globalization of the world. That means that the preparation of Polish youth from middle school for this kind of role, at the initiative of the US, is carefully thought out. It is no coincidence."

    "These are the same processes of Americanization of Poles' national consciousness which began in 1989, since then Poland re-orientated its foreign policy, broke with communism and at the same time with Russia, the USSR and consequently the Russian Federation. What is happening at the moment is the next stage of that Americanization of Poles' national consciousness."

    Razny said that the real consequences of the US-led military alliance are unlikely to be discussed in class. For example, if a schoolchild were to question the bloody and even catastrophic outcome of NATO interventions in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Libya, their teacher is unlikely to stray from the standard answer – "democracy."

    "We know that this is the democracy of vampires, a democracy which has taken the blood of innocent people, resettlement, flows of refugees."

    "But I cannot imagine that a teacher who wants to keep their job could honestly answer that this is aggression which has nothing in common with democracy, that US intervention and NATO troops have destroyed the lives of millions of people and children, that the countries of the Middle East have had their development prospects arrested for decades to come. Who needs that kind of answer?"


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