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    Scots v Brexit: Poll Shows Majority Support Britain Staying in EU

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    A poll conducted by Scottish newspaper The Daily Record, suggests that support for the European Union is so high that it could tip the upcoming referendum in favor of the "remain" campaign - despite a narrow majority favoring a Brexit elsewhere in the UK.

    If Scottish votes are responsible for keeping the UK in the European Union on June 23, it could well ignite a new row over its status within the United Kingdom.

    Pro-independence campaigners have long argued that Scotland has no influence over UK politics, but a deciding vote on the EU would give ammunition to opponents, who argue that Scotland can be more influential as a part of the UK.

    One of the long-running arguments since the failed Scottish independence referendum of 2014, has been that a Brexit vote — against the wishes of the Scottish electorate — could create the climate for a second vote on independence.

    Ironically, opposition to an EU exit — Brexit — now seems so high that it could swing the entire vote and provide one of the strongest arguments for a united Britain yet.

    The editor of pro-Scottish independence blog 'Wings over Scotland' — Stuart Campbell — told Sputnik that this could maybe fuel a backlash amongst voters elsewhere in the UK.

    "I suspect a very large number of people in England would suddenly not be so keen on the idea of the [United Kingdom] any more. If England and Wales had both voted to leave [the EU] and were forced to stay in by Scotland, they wouldn't be terribly well-disposed towards the idea of a union with those pesky jocks," Campbell told Sputnik.

    "From the perspective of Scotland you can say 'oh look, this proves we've got influence', but then you could counter-argue 'look what happens when we exercise that influence', because there would be a barrage of hatred for it."

    The UK will hold a referendum on its membership of the European Union on June 23, and most recent polling shows support for the EU in Scotland at 76%, compared to just 44% UK-wide.


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