03:12 GMT04 March 2021
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    Turkey's Erdogan is using his new bargaining position with the EU over refugees to silence critics abroad, including a satirical program which made a song mocking him, while the German government silently complies, a German parliamentarian told Sputnik.

    Turkey's summoning of the German ambassador over a satirical song about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could show that the latter is using his new bargaining position with the European Union in an attempt to suppress criticism abroad.

    The German ambassador to Ankara, as summoned by Erdogan's government, following the broadcast of the song "Erdowi, Erdowo, Erdogan" ("Erdo-how, Erdo-where, Erdogan") on 'Extra 3', a satirical program on state broadcaster NDR. The lyrics include references to Erdogan, saying: "He lives the high life, the boss from Bosporus" and "A journalist who wrote anything that Erdogan does not like, is already in jail tomorrow."

    "It seems to me that this case shows the miserable deal between the EU and Turkey. This means that the federal government makes itself timid, demonstrating servility towards Erdogan and his court lackeys," a German parliamentarian from the Die Linke party Sevim Dagdelen told Sputnik.

    Dagdelen added that Erdogan apparently expects that the German ambassador would comply with the demand,  which is "What he expects from everyone else."

    "I was present at the trial against Caen and Erdem Dündar Gul on Good Friday — the trial against journalists accused of spying, because they talked about arms shipments from Turkey to terrorist organizations in Syria, thus highlighting war crimes, Erdogan and Davutoglu. This process is secretive, the democratic public was excluded," Dagdelen told Sputnik.

    "Erdogan is in an advantageous position: he is blackmailing the [German] federal government, and the government allows it. Because it is silent for now, and leaves the ambassador in Ankara one-on-one with the problem," she added.

    According to Dagdelen, the strong reaction was motivated by Turkey's internal situation, where lawsuits for insulting Erdogan are common. She noted the recent case of a 14-year-old boy convicted for insulting Erdogan. Such an atmosphere, according to Dagdelen, is responsible for Erdogan's thinking that he can silence anyone.

    She added that Erdogan is not a partner of the European Union, and should not be a partner in the future.

    "Erdogan is awaiting the defendant's bench in The Hague because of the support that he continues to provide to terrorist gangs in Syria. And for his crimes against the Kurdish population in the southeast of the country. Therefore, in my opinion, part of the blame lies with the Turkish government on those who cooperate and conclude agreements with them. In my opinion the agreement of Turkey and the EU is shameful for Europe and should be abolished," Dagdelen told Sputnik.


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