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    The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 is a supersonic jet fighter aircraft

    Faulty Ukrainian Jets Spark Corruption Investigation in Croatia

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    After purchasing a fleet of fighter jets from Ukraine, Croatian military police have launched a corruption probe into the acquisition.

    In July 2013, the Croatian Defense Ministry signed a deal with Ukrspecexport, an arms company owned by the Ukrainian government. Included in the arrangement was the stipulation that the defense company would provide Croatia with 12 Mikoyan MiG-21 fighter jets.

    These were delivered in July 2015, but five of the aircraft were quickly removed from service due to technical problems.

    Given that almost half of the order was too defective to function, the Croatian military police launched a corruption probe into the purchase, and uncovered some damning details.

    The investigation found that the jets were fitted with outdated parts from Bulgaria, Algeria, and the former Soviet Union. These parts do not meet the technical requirements laid out in the contract signed by Ukrspecexport.

    Officials also found that five of the fighters were used, and, in fact, are currently property of the Yemen Air Force.

    As investigations continue, the Croatian government is shopping for additional aircraft to replace its aging fleet.

    At the top of the list are Lockheed Martin’s F-16 and Saab’s JAS-39. The government is also considering South Korea’s T-50, Israel’s Kfir, and the French Mirage.


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      Avoiding Russian choices isn't very smart. I'm sure Russia could deliver some MiGs that work.
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      Sounds like the US had a hand in this so they could sell the F16's, just so they can take business away from Russia.
    • avatar
      crazy Croats hahahhaaha
    • Matrix 68
      Croatia should stay away from American/European junk.... buy the real deal from Russia, tried and true and more bang for your buck! Mig-29 SMT is a good choice in this case.
    • avatar
      Truth is Croatia is not a nation but just a vassal region to Uniteds States nation that managed Croatian region via EU and NATO.

      A true nation got it's own self dependent army, command and economy, Croatia does not fulfill any of such conditions.

      No cry thou, Croatia was a vassal region towards Habsburg Monarchy till 1918 so they are used to it.

      Dobro dosli.
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      Mig-21? Technology from the Fifties! Hand-cranked, wasn't it?
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      What are the Croats complaining about are the forgetting that they and the Ukies are soon going to be brother in arm and memembers of the same EU boys club?
    • sophm0e38
      Croatia and Ukraine, a match made in heaven - both in love with Nazism and the USA.
    • avatar
      Croatia as Nazi country believed that by doing a business with another Nazi country would made miracles and that brothers in political colours would be fair and square between themselves. I believe that both of them are now searching how to blame Russia for that. Croats are same as Ukrainians first class idiots and is quite right that they pay the bill for that.
    • FlorianGeyer
      All this 'boys' bravado in tiny countries is always amusing.
      What is the point of Croatia having any fighter jets if they can only afford about 15 ?
      A small number of dated jets and trained pilots would all be destroyed in hours or days in a real shooting war.

      Surely its far better for Croatia to improve living standards with the money rather than foreign arms suppliers ?
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