07:07 GMT23 June 2021
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    Brussels Terrorist Attacks (244)

    The terrorist attacks in Brussels displayed the inability or unwillingness of Europe to see the elephant in the room and change its policies toward the Middle East, the Italian newspaper Il Giornale said.

    Earlier this week twin explosions shook the Brussels Zaventem International airport, killing at least 31 people and injuring over 300. Daesh claimed the responsibility for the attacks.

    The problem of terrorism in Europe comes from the unwillingness of EU leaders to realize that aggressive Western policies in the Arab World have created a monster that eventually turned against its creator and bit the feeding hand.

    "This is Europe's suicide. Immediate political changes are needed," Davide Malacaria wrote Il Giornale.

    Before Western-led interventions, Iraq, Libya and Syria were among the most secular and modern Arab states. Today, they're in ruins and have become hotbeds of terrorism.

    The United States and its European allies made their political alliances with countries that nurtured and sponsored radical Salafi movements, such as Daesh.

    "We're talking about Saudi Arabia and the oil monarchies of the Persian Gulf, primarily Qatar, and Turkey," the author said, pointing out it was Turkey that tried to bring the Al-Nusra terrorist organization to the negotiation table in Geneva where the fate of Syria was discussed.

    Another huge political mistake for European leaders was their refusal to work with Russia to fight international terrorism, especially considering that Moscow showed its willingness to fight terrorism in the Middle East by destroying many Daesh targets in Syria.

    Furthermore, Russia provided undeniable evidence that the Turkish government was working with Daesh behind the scenes getting involved in the oil smuggling business with the terrorists, Il Giornale said.

    Earlier this week Russian President Vladimir Putin once again offered Western leaders to work together in the fight against terrorism. Once again, his offer was ignored, Malacaria said.

    "Feeling sorry for the innocent victims of the Brussels terrorist attacks, but refusing to fix the mistakes is the paradox of the West which cannot or rather doesn't want to come out of a corner it drove itself into," the author concluded.    

    Brussels Terrorist Attacks (244)


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