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    Broken windows of the terminal at Brussels national airport are seen during a ceremony following bomb attacks in Brussels metro and Belgium's National airport of Zaventem, Belgium, March 23, 2016

    Snowden: 'The Brussels Attack Was Preventable'

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    Brussels Terrorist Attacks (243)

    Edward Snowden claims that this week's terror bomb attacks in Brussels that killed over 30 people and injured hundreds of others were preventable through traditional intelligence service.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – This week's terror bomb attacks in Brussels that killed over 30 people and injured hundreds of others were preventable through traditional intelligence services, not electronic mass surveillance, whistleblower Edward Snowden says.

    "The Brussels attack was preventable through traditional intelligence means," Snowden stressed on Friday, speaking by telecast from an undisclosed location in Russia at a conference hosted in Tucson, Arizona by the University of Arizona College of Behavioral Sciences.

    Snowden, a former contractor for the US National Security Agency (NSA) revealed the vast extent of US government secret surveillance of its citizens in 2013. He was a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who copied classified information from the NSA to reveal the secret programs to the public.

    "Resources are misallocated… When you collect everything you understand nothing… You don't have the focus… You're blinded by the noise. We are classifying so many things that we have lost sight of what a real life-threatening secret truly is," Snowden said on Friday.

    The whistleblower pointed out that according to published reports, Turkey had informed the Belgian government in advance about the suspicious activities of the individuals who carried out the Brussels attacks.

    Snowden also mentioned that mass electronic surveillance had failed to prevent the Boston Marathon bombings by the Tsarnaev brothers in 2013.

    According to Snowden, Russian authorities warned the FBI in 2011 about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the two brothers, but US authorities missed chances to detain him.

    Brussels Terrorist Attacks (243)


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      going by reports, it's not a simple as that...unless he has other information.
    • Rogerio de Oliveira
      Average peace in our civilization is not an option for the ruling oligarchy. We need to have a man made threat in order for technological security systems to be enforced under the pretense of ‘security’ to ‘control’ the society. Eventually the RFID will be seen as a logical progression to usher people towards a peaceful world (but yet controlled).
    • Marc Nonnenkamp
      The extreme instability coming out of the Islamic countries is the result primarily of the failed Allied "peace treaty" which ended World War One in 1918 (the break up of the former Ottoman Empire into British, French and finally American spheres of geopolitical influence) and re-establishment of modern Israel in 1947. The entire region is in desperate need of a comprehensive new treaty which will remedy these problems. Israel may have to go through a process not unlike that which took place in southern Africa when white rule gave way to majority rule 20 plus years ago. The Islamic world may need something like a re-established Ottoman Empire and Europe needs something better than the socialist nightmare which is the EU. The outcome of both World Wars One and Two led us to what we see in the EU today. Before Europe did itself in with two fratricidal wars from 1914-1945 it ruled much of the world in the form of colonial empires. The fatal problem of the Victorian era was the alliance system which pitted the so-called Triple Entente against the so-called Triple Alliance of Central Europe. Otto von Bismarck's alliance system which preceded this was too informal and rapidly fell apart after Kaiser Wilhelm II dismissed Otto von Bismarck as Prussian-German Chancellor in 1890. Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm I "the Great" (the paternal grandfather of Wilhelm II) laid the foundation of the modern German nation-state we know today in three wars of unification - the German-Danish War of 1864, the German Civil War against Austria in 1866 and the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. The problem here was 1) the exclusion of Roman Catholic Austria and the peoples of Central Europe & the Balkans from the new German Empire and 2) the desire of France for revenge over the transfer of Germanic Alsace-Lorraine to the new German Empire. The longest period of relative stability known by modern Europe was in the form of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (A.D. 800 to 1806) and the attempt at its re-establishment after the Napoleonic Wars in the form of Metternich's Germanic Confederation (1815 to 1866). And how did the Holy Roman Empire endure for more than 1,000 years? Because all of the noble houses of Europe (monarchies which ruled the countries of Europe) were inter-related by blood...................all of them were literally descendants of the rulers of the Barbarian tribes (Indo-Germanic or Indo-European tribes) which had overrun the old Roman Empire in A.D. 476. Modern Europe needs something along the lines of a re-established and thus not too-centralized Holy Roman Empire; the Islamic world needs its own version in the form of a re-established Ottoman Empire from 1918 and the Middle East needs a comprehensive peace treaty which will allow Israel to live side-by-side with its Islamic neighbors.
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      Robert Klimenko
      The first thing people should know and focus on is, that these regimes DOES NOT WANT to PREVENT terrorist attacks. These attacks is the instruments to form the NWO which leads to the One World Government. The next question is, what minority in the world would this super regime support and protect?
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      megargyin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, Everything is done for a reason & particularly Terrorist Attacks & in nearly all attacks Govt is complicit - This kick suited certain parties very well for certain agenda's - think on who gains here to get a clue to who was behind it?
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      michaelin reply tomegargy(Show commentHide comment)
      megargy, agreed most of the time things are done for a reason and others then take advantage for their own purposes. The point that I was making was about snowden's assertion that the bomb attacks were preventable through traditional int means. He is correct when he says that too much information blinds - the but is that this overload of information can come from other means not just using technology. It takes people who can analyse - not just simply utilise the techniques of analysis. This is where questions are being asked about the level of competence shown by the belgians. This was something also noted by a security specialist in conversation with a pravda journalist.
      For further info read Prunckun,H. Handbook of Scientific Methods of Inquiry for Intelligence Analysis. :)
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      The suspected Brussels Bomber shown in this article has strong resemblance to the Secretary of State, correlating to the length. State terrorism is the answer.
    • Sigraven
      The problem is with Islam and its followers who interpret their scripture literally. Christianity and the west are at war with Islam and the sooner they wake up and take the necessary steps the better,as there is no other alternative, for Islam and western democracy are fundamentally incompatible.
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      The did not stop the terrorists beacuse they didn`t want to stop them. This is exactly want the satanic elites want in Europé to take away our rights and freedom. Wake up people this is a Deception!!!!!!!!!!
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