22:28 GMT21 February 2020
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    According to French MEP Louis Aliot, France and other European nations should react to the Brussels terrorist attack by focusing their attention on the Islamist threat at home instead of participating in costly foreign interventions.

    For example, Aliot remarked, France could've played an important role in the fight against Islamism in Europe, but instead the country directed its energies elsewhere.

    "Instead we went to wage war in places we had no reason to attack: Afghanistan, Iraq, that doomed Libyan affair. And now we have to pay for it by dealing with thousands of unfortunate refugees migrating here, some of whom are potential or actual terrorists," he told Sputnik.

    According to Aliot, Europe is now dealing with a 'fifth column': people who act behind the backs of security agencies and resort to using the most despicable methods to combat the Union, and European leaders were apparently unable to comprehend the true extent of this threat for a long time.

    "The security services are already in motion, they act – but aside from patrolling the streets, they also require ideological backing. Along with deploying the military and the police in the streets, we also need to arm ourselves ideologically – we should stop tolerating certain speech and actions of the people who live here and yet despise us for what we are, who despise our culture. We should no longer tolerate hate speech on European soil. If these people don’t agree with our way of life, they should move elsewhere," Aliot stated.

    "Perhaps we should stop blaming the European nations and focus our attention on fighting radical Islam, the so called 'Islamism', and not just in Belgium. We should stop pointing our fingers at the Belgians, as France, along with other European countries, also has its share of responsibility," he concluded.


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