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    Police tighten security at Kazan airport in Tatarstan

    EU to Take Lessons From Russia on Airport Security

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    The EU Commission has looked into Russia's measures for airport security to prevent attacks on transport infrastructure, although subway security measures for Brussels appear less likely.

    The European Union will look at lessons learned from the 2011 terrorist attack against Moscow's Domodedovo Airport for devising new airport measures.

    Transport attacks across the EU became more frequent over the years, but relatively few measures were taken, except towards tightening security on outbound flights. While the EU took measures for US-bound flights after the September 11, 2001 attacks, it failed to increase airport security after attacks in Russia and many attacks aimed at transport across the EU.

    Now, EU officials are considering copying Russia's security measures, which include checking passengers before they enter the airport.

    "That makes sense, because all visitors of airports would then be checked before entering the terminal," a member of the EU Commission told Die Welt.

    An EU Commission spokesperson also told Euractiv that the 2004 terrorist attack against trains in Madrid, together with the Moscow attack, and their management to improve security and response measures.

    A meeting for the EU's land transport security transport group is scheduled for April 11, although the meeting could be brought forward, according to Euractiv.

    Deferred Maintenance

    An EU transport security review in 2012 found that EU security regulations were generally lax, and focused on preventing access to aircraft, rather than overall security.

    "There are several reasons why transport security is not as well advanced in the EU as a whole as it could be. For much of the transport sector security is not a positive selling feature that attracts customers or passengers," the document said.

    However, the EU bureaucracy would be largely powerless to rule on Belgium's metro security, in a city with infamously fragmented security infrastructure. The city has multiple police forces with often overlapping jurisdictions.


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