04:45 GMT +324 February 2017
    Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and French President Francois Hollande.

    Sacré Bleu! Hollande ‘Completely Failed’ to Restore Russo-French Relations

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    Russo-French cooperation failed because Paris imposed sanctions against Russia, although it needed Moscow’s help to fight terrorism and solve the Syrian crisis, Former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said.

    French President Francois Hollande "completely failed in his attempts to normalize relations with Russia," said Fillon, one of the leaders of the center-right Republicans ("Les Republicains") party.

    "Russia should be our ally, we can't defeat terrorism and solve the Syrian crisis without [Moscow]," Fillon told the RTL radio station.

    The former prime minister said that although the French government made statements earlier that it would coordinate its anti-terrorism efforts with Russia, Paris has done virtually nothing to cooperate with Moscow, Fillon said.

    Following the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, France promised to work with Russia to fight against Daesh in the Middle East. But as Fillon said, there can't be full trust between the partners when one of them has sanctions imposed against the other.

    "One of the reasons is anti-Russian sanctions. One can't be an ally on the one hand, and then impose sanctions against that ally on the other hand. Francois Hollande should have encouraged our EU colleagues to lift the sanctions against Russia, but we continue this short-sighted policy," the former prime minister explained.

    Earlier this month former French president Nicolas Sarkozy told Le Monde that his country was "in a state of stress" and urged the government to lift sanction against Russia, as they were hurting the French economy.

    Sarkozy also made a bold statement, saying that France needs a new president, as Hollande was clearly failing as the country's leader.

    "One can feel anxiety, despair and fear. I have never seen France in such a state of stress," Sarkozy told Le Monde. "It's time to urgently help farmers… and change the president!"

    In 2014, relations between Russia and the West deteriorated over Crimea's reunification with Russia and Moscow's alleged involvement in the Ukrainian internal crisis. The European Union, as well as the United States and some other countries, imposed several rounds of sanctions on Russia's energy, banking and defense industries.    


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    • Anton KOMAROV
      It is incredible to see that Sarkosy is a better ally to Russia than is Holland... I wonder who remember that during his mandate President Sarkosy said I quote(....Je sus un grand admirateur de la democracie Americaine...meaning I am a great admirer of the American democracy.....) and he even added , "Who do you want me to admire, the Russian system? or the Chinese one?
      Well I do not say that you cannot have a change of opinion , what I say is that france, like many western so callled democracy has no great differenciation between right and left, it does not matter what they say before an election, what really count is what they do after and that depends on the preassure of their millitary industrial complex and their public opinion (relevant here much more in france which is a country very sensitive to social laws)
    • avatar
      Cannot but say this: c'est un con.
    • avatar
      All of these NATO politicians stand beside Putin (85+ approval rating) and criticize him when they are barely half as popular with their citizens.

      Hollande's approval rating went from 19 to 40 after the false flag terror attack. But now it's back to 30.
    • avatar
      With Hollande of France and Erdogan of Turkey it seems as they are wired and functioning as zombies and as the wired color is black, supposedly it could be the black gold determining their actions.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toAnton KOMAROV(Show commentHide comment)
      Anton, as now sarkozy has signalled his intention to enter the presidential race, we will be seeing him grab more of the spotlight. :)
    • avatar
      Le Pen, Le Pen, Le Pen...
    • avatar
      France is just a sock puppet of Washington, same as the rest of Europe. They don't do a THING that they haven't had an order from the U.S. to do. Otherwise, why on EARTH would all of Europe keep shooting themselves in the foot? Look at Ukraine and the insane sanctions against Russia who's NOT EVEN IN THE COUNTRY! And now they've got all the REFUGEES coming in from WASHINGTONS WARS! Not ONE of them has the balls to think for themselves. Serves them right!
    • avatar
      YES, Russia and France MUST be allies!!! AHEM***, So France can exploit Russia and rake trillions.
      Russia, still MOURNING, OUR PARTNERS.
      MAYBE, they (FRENCH) recognize their mistake?
      Today TOTAL and many others make BILLIONS and help NATO and the allies, support anti Russo and terrorism worldwide.

      Russia MUST learn, they NOT COMRADES. Just be kicking them OFF Russia, and see how the "SMART SMILE" leaves Hollande when he see the tractors at full speed to grab him and parade him around.
      LE GUILLOTINE next?
    • Mother Gorilla
      France was never one for sanctions, and for cold war, Hollande has indeed been very weak, and now the return of this smug racist, Sarkozy, they might as well vote Le Pen!
    • avatar
      Fulvio Nylundin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, after giving highest honour to a Saudi terrorist, it should be 0.
    • Ann
      "Sarkozy also made a bold statement, saying that France needs a new president, as Hollande was clearly failing as the country's leader."

      TRANSLATION: "France needs a new, more "U.S. Friendly" puppet in charge... because the one they have isn't controllable enough to suit the neocons in DC."
    • Annin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Le Pen scares the hell out of US neocons.
    • avatar
      Hollande likes to hear himself speak. That's about it.
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