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    'Moscow’s First Interest is to Have Good Relations With Europe'

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    The migrant crisis in Europe has reached an unprecedented scope. At the same time, over the past years living standards in Russia have significantly improved, former Czech presidential aide said.

    Nowadays, there is "more democracy, freedom and prosperity in Russia than ever before," analyst Tomas Haas, the former aide to Czech President Vaclav Klaus, said in an interview with the website Parlamentni Listy.

    According to him, the West is currently facing a number of challenges, particularly the migrant crisis in Europe, and its future would to some extent rely on how it could deal with them.

    According to Haas, the refugee crisis has reached an unprecedented scale across Europe.

    "The EU is violating its own rules and ignoring its own agreements and convents. The Schengen zone is paralyzed," he said.

    According to him, the current measures Brussels is taking to cope with the crisis are ineffective.

    "The European Union should admit its mistakes and start taking real actions to avert a catastrophe," the analyst pointed out.

    Furthermore, Haas noted that one of the key reasons behind the migrant crisis is the ongoing crisis in Syria which is "deliberately being fueled by some parties."

    In the interview, the expert also touched upon the issue of the so-called "Russian threat" which has been repeatedly cited by Western media and officials.

    "All talks that Russia’s goal is to destabilize Europe make no sense. As for ties between Russia and the EU, Moscow’s first interest is to have good relations with Europe. Russia does not want chaos and instability in Europe," Haas said.

    The West should stop portraying Russia as an enemy, he added.

    Despite numerous economic difficulties in Russia provoked by low oil price and Western sanctions, President Vladimir Putin’s rating is stably high. This proves that he has contributed a lot to improving living standards in Russia, the analyst underscored.

    "Of course, the Russian political and economic system is not perfect. But now there is more democracy in Russia than ever before. And living standards have significantly improved. There is no Putin’s blame that freedoms and democracy in Russia are sometimes restricted. The real problem is the Western hostile policy and its attempts to escalate tensions," Haas concluded.


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