15:20 GMT +328 February 2017
    Pork sausages

    German Cafes Stop Selling Pork Sausages to Spare Muslim Refugees' Feelings

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    A number of German cafes have started to exclude traditional pork sausages from their menus in order not to offend the feelings of Muslim newcomers, Deutsche Welle reported.

    Members of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party criticized the initiative and are planning to control that pork is further available at work and university canteens, the article said.

    "The protection of minorities — including for religious reasons — must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by ill-conceived consideration," representative of the party, Daniel Gunther said.

    According to the politician, those who want to refrain from eating pork can do so, but it does not mean that meat should disappear from all menus.

    The consumption of pork is a part of the German culture, he said, strictly opposing the new initiative.

    Earlier it was reported that more and more German residents support the introduction of restrictions on the inflow of refugees to the country. The growing influx of newcomers raises security concerns among the local population, especially after cases of sexual assaults against women on New Year's Eve.

    In a number of German cities, thousands of German women were sexually abused by Arab and north-African men during the New Year celebrations. The incidents sparked anti-migrant sentiment in the country and criticism of the current policy of open-doors.


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      The one Who knows
      First create crisis (2008) and impoverish nation to turn them into economic slaves living off your credit - then be angry at them as they get back at you with opening doors to migrants you thought will be cheap labour for your economy cos (here is the kicker!) your demography is in the gutter!!! Well done Germany! Well Done! and all this was forseeable! independenttrader.org/immigrants-flooding-europe.html
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      Yes I passed this cafe last week and the entire staff were out fron bending over barrels with their pants down holdin signs saying 'I am German all immagrants please e *^%*#* me'
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      That frying pan is in horrible shape.
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      Jackov Smirnoff
      As a vegan, I would suspect that halal meat is cooked in the same oil with pork.
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      Jackov Smirnoffin reply toThe one Who knows(Show commentHide comment)
      The one Who knows, Germany has a 'demographic cliff', declining population due to low fertility and high mortality rates. So immigrants are an opportunity to import eco-slaves.
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      Ha ha that is funny ! Do you think that in their countries they would sell you sausages to make you feel welcome or more integrated? Wake up people, in the EU they have to adapt to the EU, as in their countries we would have to adapt to their ways. What is wrong with that?!
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      margaridaoulmanin reply tothebins(Show commentHide comment)
      thebins, You are funny!
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      Eventually the humans will stop eating mammals altogether and go back to bugs. Centipede steak, anyone?
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      Want2B Wiseguyin reply tothebins(Show commentHide comment)
      thebins, pretty sad seeing how easily people get misled by deceivers into hating certain groups.
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      Want2B Wiseguy
      Why do Christians think it's ok to eat pork? Why would God send the demon possessing the man in the cemetery into a herd of pigs if it were ok to eat pork? The rules of the prophets weren't overthrown by God's son, and he never said it was ok to eat pork. A perfect example of the blind leading the blind is the nonsense saying its ok to eat anything in the parenthesis added in Mark 7:19 - Nonsense added to a misquote. See the real words in the proper context in Matthew 15.
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      I seriously doubt the eternal fate of the souls of man rely on whether he has eaten pork or not. Good grief- the first thing God will ask is "Have you ever eaten pork"? Really?
      If the mooslims don't like it, they can leave and live elsewhere- otherwise, get along with the culture you have to live with. How many mooslims are going to change "their" way of life should we go to their countries? I can answer and say none!
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      Instead of voluntarily changing your culture, religion, food, music, etc., etc., etc., wouldn't it just be easier to get rid of these barbarians, poorly disguised as human beings?
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      How very dumb is this anyway? If you don't like pork don't eat it . . . Please pass me the BBQ ribs yoall
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