18:57 GMT +325 September 2016
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German Gov't Seeking to Provide Less Child Benefits to Foreigners From EU

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The federal government of Germany is considering to introduce possible reduction of child benefits for parents from other EU member states, the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs said.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The government's initiative would apply to EU citizens who work in another member state, but whose children stay in their home country, the media outlet reported. The amount of the child benefit may be reduced if the standard of living in the country where the child lives is lower.

"It is a viable option that the child benefits will be adjusted for the children who do not live in Germany to the respective cost of living in their country. In general, the cost of living is lower there than in Germany. We are going to discuss within the federal government, how Germany should therefore proceed," Minister Manuela Schwesig said, quoted by the Focus magazine on Sunday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had positively assessed the initiative directly after the same agreement with Great Britain reached on the EU summit last week, saying she could "very well imagine" that Germany would implement the same practice.

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  • jas
    So I take it that until now they were paying Germany cost of living that was like winning the lottery when living costs were much lower. Why would a state pay cost of living benefit when a cost of living never occurred?
  • cast235
    A country that BRAGS that has one of the MOST POWERFUL economies and military in the world, and
    after paying to destroy Syria for gains, cannot afford to support kids that will join DAESH IF they forced into poverty...
    Looks like DAESH and FSA are cousins. Supported by E.U.. Don't feed the kids, and allow RADICAL propaganda so they leave and blow up themselves.
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