16:19 GMT +320 February 2017
    A line of loaded trucks waiting for customs clearance on the Polish border

    Russia-Poland Ground Freight Standoff Causes Truck Pileup

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    Western Sanctions Against Russia (701)

    Heavy trucks amassed at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border because of suspended freight traffic between Russia and Poland, the State Border Committee of Belarus said on its website Sunday.

    MINSK (Sputnik) – At least 250 trucks amassed at the Kamienny Loh-Medininkai border crossing and 230 at Kotlovka-Lavoriskes awaiting entry into Lithuania as of 19:00 GMT, according to the committee. Around 180 trucks gathered on the Belarusian side of the Bieniakoni-Salcininkai crossing, and another 100 on the Lithuanian side of the frontier.

    Freight transport between Russia and Poland was suspended on February 1 because of a lack of agreement on permit quotas this year. The sides reached a temporary agreement this week effective until April 15.

    A separate transit issue has stranded Russian and Ukrainian trucks on either side of the border.

    Ukrainian activists blocked Russian trucks transiting through Ukraine on February 11, demanding a blockade of Russian goods. The Ukrainian cabinet halted Russian cargo traffic across its territory on February 15, triggering a symmetrical response from Russia the next day.

    Western Sanctions Against Russia (701)


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    • Is it because I am black?
      All these haters of Russia are only hurting themselves.
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      this is ALL done by Ukraine NAZIS. They the one's creating DRAMA all over E.U, and E.U is a VASSAL , not to upset the puppets that will drive Ukraine into E.U. they do as told.
      And Russia should end the be nice with them. Nor bending and offering gas transit or NOTHING. BE REAL TOUGH.
      Like with FRANCE. I read the deal Russia did. To protect the names of liquors like Bourbon, Russia must use a funny name.
      I was feeling sick.
      Who was so repulsive, as to approve this in Russia?
      No wonder Russian economy is so mess. Bourbon is a world known name, and Russia should make it's own with the real name.

      Whomever give those concessions, should go to Kremlin, get slammed by Putin a few times, and wrestle Medvedev... Then kick him OUT.. GO TO WORK..
      This is why west see Russians as the world's BUFFOON'S.

      YOU NEVER EVER DO THAT!!! NEVER!!! Do own cheeses , liquors using the world's recognized names. In many languages.
      France wants to keep using Russia for own gains. Just say NO.. They NOT comrades.
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