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    Policemen look on as refugees from Syria demonstrate against violence near the Cologne main train station in Cologne, western Germany on January 16, 2016

    New Year, More Fear: Europe ‘No Longer Able to Curb Spread of Violence’

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    The European countries are no longer safe and are doing nothing to make things better, the German newspaper Die Welt wrote.

    The European civil society is fast becoming a closed-in community and is unable to check the dangerous spread of violence, Eckhard Fuhr wrote in Sunday’s issue of Die Welt daily paper.

    “The days when you could travel anywhere in Germany without fear are gone now,” Fuhr noted, pointing to the general atmosphere of fear that was engulfing the German nation.

    The development of the EU can proceeded along two lines and each one is fraught with casualties, he warned.

    “Europe will either fall apart or become a mighty empire. Either option is fraught with a lot of bloodshed.”

    Admitting Europe’s failure to deal with the rising wave of violence, Eckhard Fuhr wrote that European society — “the most liberal form of life that ever existed” — was now turning into a sort of a “gated community” unable to stem the tide of violent behavior.

    The author wrote that he was appalled by the civil society’s failure to give adequate response to the New Year Eve’s violence in Cologne, and also by German men’s failure to defend the women who were sexually and otherwise assaulted by groups of aggressively-minded migrants.


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