06:02 GMT +321 February 2017
    Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

    Erdogan Blackmailed EU for €30 Bln Over Migrant Crisis Plan

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    In November, during a meeting with President of the European Council Donald Tusk and European Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan demanded from Brussels €30 billion to resolve the European migrant crisis, a leaked document revealed.

    The talks took place in Antalya on November 14, 2015. The confidential document has been published by Greek website Euro2Day.

    According to it, Erdogan threatened to send migrants to Europe.

    By that time, the EU and Turkey had agreed a plan on providing €3 billion to Ankara in exchange for assistance in resolving the migrant issue.

    However, Erdogan threatened that he would take measures if the EU delayed Turkey’s admission to the bloc. Particularly, he said Turkey would put refugees on buses to Europe and the consequences for Europe will be "more than a dead boy" on the Turkish shores.

    Erdogan refused to receive the €3 billion in two years, which he had earlier agreed to. He said the proposal should be at least €3 billion a year. Otherwise, no deal concerning the refugees would work, according to the document.

    It also read that the EU Council of Ministers delayed its progress report on Turkey’s accession to the EU with the purpose to help the Justice and Development Party (AKP) to win the elections.

    Erdogan was arrogant and hasty and the negotiations ended with no result, the document read. Demanding more money, he claimed that during the financial crisis Greece received €400 billion from Brussels.

    He also told EU officials that Turkey had already spent €8 billion on refugee camps.

    "Erdogan asks rhetorically: 'So how will you deal with refugees if you don’t get a deal? Kill the refugees?'," according to the document.

    However, this incident exposing Turkey’s position has not been reported to the EU authorities and country members of the bloc, the article read.


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    • A = π r 2
      It's a bit, how do you say, out of order to issue an ultimatum to gain admission to the EU. Does not bode well for future cooperation.
    • Aon Duine
      "Erdogan asks rhetorically: 'So how will you deal with refugees if you don’t get a deal? Kill the refugees?',"

      Should have said, yeah.
    • avatar
      No doubt the EU asked if they needed a hand loading the buses. Will happily see the EU fall and the leaders looking for work (that will be a first).
    • Mikhas
      Instead of cooperating with Russia on US and Turk extortion , the meekly €Urofags goes for slow suicide and the delusional "sultan" gets his jihad in Europe.
    • avatar
      The traitor Merkel must be ousted from Power. Its she that is responsible for this catastrophic deal with the criminal Erdogan.
      who has been proven to support Daesh.

      The next step is to implement visa free regime with turkey and EU membership. I hope that this will make more and more EU countries start considering leavning EU.
    • avatar
      Who would beleive when we are told the Eu do not know of this document!? Do they really think we are all that stupid?!
      The Eu should do to Erdogan what he treatens to do to the Eu. What a sorry man and worse will be for the EU if they fall for his blackmail.
    • avatar
      EU should send 2 million refugees to Turkey,

      What would Erdogan do with 2 million refugees? Kill Them?
    • avatar
      ho ho ho .... 3bn was just a taster .... LOL

      30bn ..... cheap ... \soro wanted 50bn from the EU for failed ukriane investments ....

      Looks like there is a link between sudden influx of Migrants who have ordsrs to destroy and non payment !

      ho ho ho
    • avatar
      I can say only this much, it is the age of the Internet and fast information exchange. If these people think there will be no consequences for hiding this kind of dialogue they are fools. Heads will roll because of the wars in the ME and the migrant crisis. I do not think Abu Babushka and Erdogan will last long. And many EU officials will roll with them.
    • gilergil
      If we had good politicians, then the answer to his blackmailing would be - "Send your busses retard, they will be annihilated one hundred meters in front of borders and we will inflict such sanctions on you that you will start shitting bricks." But no what we have are brainless puppets.
    • Sam Handwichin reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, From your mouth to God ears Vendor!
      Time to clean the house in the EU from all those special interest money buffoons.
    • klod.infobeez
      Dealing with terrs, jailing journalists, genociding Kurds, membre of the nazi al-Banan's Muslim Brotherity, antisemite, leader of a family mafia, smuggling bloody oil, human pieces... well, adding blackmail and hostage taking to the stuff, now.

      This guy seems to be a perfect vilain for a soap opera. Unfortunalety, he's a living thing.

      кстати, мне кажется, что у него крыша уехала.
    • avatar
      Пера Ждера
      Europeans should put millions of Turks who live in EU for decades into buses and send them back to Turkey. It would have double impact - less muslims in Europe, and more dissatisfied Turks who are hysterical at Erdogan....
    • avatar
      vendorin reply toSam Handwich(Show commentHide comment)
      Sam Handwich, well think about what happens if SAA and Russia with Iran re-establish peace, law and order in Syria? The so-called coalition has lost the war, then there will be UN meetings with very hot debates on responsibility for these wars and refugees, then the refugees will cost lots of money, then the governments and their oppositions will fight over it, then their economies will suffer more, then someone will have to lose their armchairs, resignations will follow, coups will happen, arguments between allies will erupt and sacrifices will have to be offered to their political gods, then someone ultimately will have to be blamed for the failure and with their opposition pushing they will have their "enemies" like Russia, Iran, China, Syria and other Arab countries demanding various things. It will be quite interesting to watch.
    • mike.holstein
      As the revenue from stealing oil in Syria diminishes, maybe looking for refugees as objects for blackmail seems tempting.
    • avatar
      Unbelievable. So essentially Merkel backed down and handed over our cash to the turbanned Otto tyrant. Put her on a bus to Turkey.
    • avatar
      Whatever happened to MILLIONS?? Now it's BILLIONS!! What a greedy creepy turkey!!
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