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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel listens during a joint news conference with Romania's Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos (not pictured) at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, January 7, 2016.

    Refugee Crisis: 'Merkel Has Lost Contact With Reality'

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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing increasing pressure as voters are doubtful that the government is able to tackle the refugee crisis.

    According to Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, founder of the online political magazine globalo.com, Merkel has always been popular due to her step-by-step approach and pragmatism.

    But now "she lost contact with reality. And this is always something very dangerous," Hoffmann said in an exclusive interview with Radio Sputnik. "Anyone who dares to speak differently is being kicked out".

    "Basically this is a typical mistake of people who get to powerful," the expert said.

    According to official statistics, more than 1.1 million migrants and refugees arrived in Germany in 2015. Moreover, there are about 400,000 migrants who have not been registered and live in the country illegally.

    "It is too much. I think Germany could absorb something like 200,000-250,000 each year." But that's the maximum amount, the expert said, adding that there is not enough housing and jobs for newcomers.

    Recent studies revealed that in the worst case scenario Germany is expected to spend about 50 billion euros for refugees annually. Thus, spending for health care, accommodation, language courses and other expenses related to the migrants' inflow may reach an unprecedented level by the beginning of the next year.

    According to the expert, Merkel's stance towards migrants could negatively affect the prospects of her party to win the next elections, as many voters will support other factions out of frustration.

    Regarding Merkel's pressure on other states to take in refugees, Hoffmann said that it contradicts the democratic principles, which the EU is based on.

    "If they don't want to take them, you have to accept this," the expert concluded.


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    • Mother Gorillain reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, you have lost me there: whose 'family', yours? Stolen,what and where?

      Merkel's government at 81% disapproval according to the latest polls, Oskar Lafontaine on TV who is a main scarecrow to capitalist investors. That looks like a crisis!

      I assume you are white and Western? Doesn't your 'family' remember 1929?
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      But that's the maximum amount, the expert said, adding that there is not enough housing and jobs for newcomers.
      That's exactly what Merkel knows. It's an old trick to get the people going after each other and make a weak government stronger.
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      marcanhaltin reply toMother Gorilla(Show commentHide comment)
      Mother Gorilla, I was in Paris four years ago with my wife. We were accosted by four Nigerians trying to sell us ANOTHER Eiffel tower replica. They took my wife's purse, her wedding ring, watch, my ring, watch, cameras and the folded bills I had in my pocket. So, yes there are those who can go back home with somethings far more precious to us than to them. And yet I went two more times to Togo and Tanzania to help perform surgery on knees, ankles and feet so that some might be able to get a job and support their families. Everything else you asked is of no interest to me.
    • Ann
      I have been so disgusted by the news lately. Every day, all over the world, innocent people are being killed. The shootings and local bombs, the media faithfully shoves in our faces at every opportunity. The devastating military bombings, not so much. For the Military Industrial Complex acts of terrorism, the media tries to leave the human factor out of it, for a more "sanitized" report of "acceptable" death and destruction. I think most sane people would agree, that the body count is sickening. Let's take a more detailed look at exactly who is responsible for the rising body count around the world.

      I'm going to set aside the small number of "domestic mass shootings" for the moment. Although the media throws each of the few incidents in our faces for weeks on end, in every explicit detail - the incidents of psychopaths going on a rampage accounts for an almost negligible portion of the over-all death toll even though the gun-grabbers would like us to believe otherwise. Let's move on, for now.

      Whatever country we are in, we have an unacceptable number of unarmed and/or innocent people being shot by police. This is happening in countries around the world, and the people are getting fed up with it. It seems to make no difference whether the population has been disarmed by law or not, their own police are gunning them down by the thousands, on a daily basis. It used to be we only heard of this kind of thing from a brutal dictatorship, but now it's happening more frequently in countries whom are supposed to be more "civilized" and "democratic." Apparently murdering their own people+, is not just for brutal dictators anymore.

      I think it's safe to say that police brutality is becoming a GLOBAL problem.

      Then we have TERRORISTS. I'm not going to play "pin the label on the terrorist." As far as I'm concerned, everyone, either single or as a group, who kills people by any means for any kind of ideology - is a terrorist. Mass shootings, bombings, beheadings, poisoning, whatever the method it makes no difference for the purposes of this discussion. A TERRORIST IS A TERRORIST.

      That being said, terrorism is indisputably a GLOBAL problem.

      Now, we have the MILITARIES of dozens of countries engaging these terrorists. The entire Middle East is in shambles, as several Nations fight over bragging rights to whom will eradicate "the terrorists"...or at least some of them, because nobody can seem to agree on who is a terrorist and who is a "freedom fighter." The term "freedom fighter" has morphed into a new title for government sponsored terrorists...as if there could ever be any form of "GOOD TERRORISM."

      I think we're all pretty tired of being terrorized. The global community is sick of unnecessary violence and death. But HOW DO WE STOP IT?

      Everyone thinks the common denominator is GUNS, specifically focusing on the guns in the hands of citizens. As Nations all over the world disarm their own citizens under the auspices of the United Nations, the prevailing ideology is that if nobody has guns, there will be no more murder. If that was true, then France, Germany, the UK, well, the entire EU should be the safest countries on the planet, for their citizens are completely disarmed.

      The media tells us differently. Acts of terrorism have erupted in the most disarmed countries on the planet, because the terrorists and murderers just didn't get the memo that guns and murder is illegal and crime is bad. Innocent citizens can't defend themselves without being prosecuted. A young woman who valiantly fought off a rapist attempting to unbutton her pants, used pepper spray to get him off of her...she faces PROSECUTION FOR DEFENDING HERSELF with pepper spray! The would-be rapist got away unscathed.

      But there is a more insidious problem at work here. We've examined. briefly, three different sources of mass murder and destruction - TERRORISTS, the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. and POLICE SHOOTINGS of unarmed citizens. What is the REAL common denominator?

      THE GOVERNMENT. That's right. In each and all cases, the government is in the driver's seat. And not just one government. Let's break it down, shall we?

      For whom does Law Enforcement work for? Many people believe that the police work for the people. That is not so. LAW ENFORCEMENT WORKS FOR THE GOVERNMENT to enforce the laws against the people. It's no secret that Law Enforcement does not enforce laws against the government and the elites who are the government...just against WE, The Little People. Even the police themselves are under a different set of laws than we are.

      As for the MILITARY, I think we all know who the military works for - THEY TOO, WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT. This is true no matter what country you're in. The governments control the military arm. There's certainly do doubt about that.

      As for the TERRORISTS, it has come to the fore that THE U.S. GOVERNMENT CONTROLS THE TERRORISTS, hand-in-hand with their Saudi partners. This is no longer a conspiracy theory, it's an admitted fact. The U.S. and Saudi governments have both said it - publicly. The subject is no longer a matter of debate, once we learned exactly where the funding, training and supplies for the terrorists has been coming from - mainly, but not exclusively, The United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Even the MSM reports it now, not that the MSM has any credibility, it's that it's just so blatant now, they have little choice but to report it too, or look stupid and irrelevant...er, MORE stupid and irrelevant.

      So the the bottom line is: Like it or not, the entirety of the killing on this planet is REALLY being carried out by THE GOVERNMENTS, against their own people. Absolutely nothing is what it seems.

      We could even revisit those "domestic mass shootings," as there have been multiple links to government psychologists, government programs and various forms of government involvement in those too. Some call it a "PSY-OP." I just consider it yet another form of government-sponsored terrorism.

      We're all being manipulated ON A GLOBAL SCALE. It is WE, and our rights and freedoms that is under attack. The terrorists are just another front line of that attack.

      To face your enemy, you first have to know your enemy. Your worst enemy is not your neighbor, or from a foreign country - YOUR TRUE ENEMY IS STARING YOU RIGHT IN THE EYE...while offering you their hand in friendship and comfort.

    • Ann in reply toart(Show commentHide comment)
      art, There's another former jew-turned-Orthodox Christian on youtube, he calls himself "Brother Nathanael". He sure don't like them jews none...
    • Ann in reply topeskyvera(Show commentHide comment)
      peskyvera, Wasn't that the NWO plan, to implode the first-world countries from within?
    • Ann in reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, When the EU formed, Brussels took the leadership away from the leaders of the country. They're really just figure heads now.
    • Ann in reply tojerrys57(Show commentHide comment)
      jerrys57, No, it is an excuse to occupy Germany, as well they find other excuses to occupy other countries.
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      artin reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, yes I have seen his clips. He sure sounds genuine, a rarity!
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      michaelin reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, I was thinking more within their own country's borders. :)
      Otherwise agreed about the dictatorial bureaucracy in brussels.
    • Mother Gorillain reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, sorry about your loss and your wife`s.
      In or near the same city, I was raped by a young white.
      Another time, I was attacked by four white youths with knives, who searched me and took all the money I had on me. I wasn't carrying any other valuables, because I was going to the pool.
      And now you will say that all blacks are thieves, and I will say that all whites are rapists. Marcanhalt, you are an intelligent person. There are bad eggs in any culture.
      And now you will say, yeah, but blacks run the worse statistics, and I will say that is because they are typically kept poorer than the white folk, and then we are back to the discussion which we have been having with you and vendor.
      You are good people, I am sure, don't you want to address the injustice in this world instead of throwing oil into the fire?
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      peskyverain reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, So exactly who is this 'NWO' group? Does this mean imploding the US too? We are worse than animals...with apologies to animals.
    • avatar
      peskyverain reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, When Germany (Berlin) formed the 'big coalition', I already wondered if this would bode well. Too many cooks spoiling the broth, too many egos wanting their gratification.
    • Ann in reply topeskyvera(Show commentHide comment)
      peskyvera, The NWO is generally the globalist elites, the banking cartel owned by the Rothschilds. Their financial schemes are literally holding much of the world hostage. Those who are not under the banking cabal's control are being bombed into submission. The entire middle east did not want their banking systems taken over. They wanted to nationalize their country's resources, putting them out of reach of the west's corporations and elites...Ukraine's Yanukovich was ousted because of this, as was several leaders in South America. Interestingly, Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi also wanted to either use the gold standard, pay for their oil in their own currency or nationalize their resources. In each case, the leaders were ousted or killed, and the IMF control was assured. The New World Order is behind the world domination scheme of the west. They are the true threat to the global community. They were behind funding both sides of WW I and WW II, while millions of people died - THEY GOT RICH. You can google them or search for videos on youtube. Hope that helps.
    • avatar
      peskyverain reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, And do you think all this scheming will bring down Russia and China too? I think the West is fighting the obvious: scared shit of either or both of these countries taking over world domination. Pendulum swings from one side to the other...
    • Ann in reply topeskyvera(Show commentHide comment)
      peskyvera, Respectfully, I don't believe EVERYONE wants to dominate the world. (Let me amend that to : Anyone besides the NWO cabal) There are many who are happy with just living on the planet and dominating their own little corner of it. I think the US uses the inference of China and Russia striving for world domination, as an excuse to carry out it's own plans. Neither Russia nor China has done anything to suggest that either country is interested in dominating the world - however, the US certainly has made it's intention to do so, very clear.
    • avatar
      peskyverain reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, The US 'empire' will eventually fade away and this 'vacuum' will be filled by either Russia or China. What goes up must come down...plain physics.
    • Ann in reply topeskyvera(Show commentHide comment)
      peskyvera, I could get used to that.
    • avatar
      peskyverain reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, I believe this 'transition' from one empire to the other will not come without a lot of pain. Our foundations are being shaken.
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