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    Germany's Spending on Refugees May Reach Unprecedented €50 Billion by 2017

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    Spending for health care, accommodation, language courses and other expenses related to the migrants' inflow may reach an unprecedented level by the beginning of the next year.

    Germany is expected to spend almost 50 billion euros on refugees over the course of the year, German magazine Spiegel Online wrote, referring to a new study by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research.

    According to the latest data, Germany will spend about 17 billion euros on accommodation for asylum seekers and five billion euros on language and integration courses. Along with other costs, the entire sum is expected to reach 27.6 billion euros.

    The findings of the new study confirm previous forecasts of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, although the Kiel Institute's researchers published even higher cost estimates related to the migration crisis.

    According to the best scenario, the country's authorities will have to spend 25 billion euro annually until 2022, while the worst scenario estimates the future annual spending at about 55 billion euros.

    Researchers of both institutions stressed that the estimates are a subject to great uncertainty — because it is impossible to foresee how many refugees actually will arrive and how quickly they will integrate into the labor market.

    Over a million refugees have arrived in Germany alone last year. Most of them left their crisis-torn home countries in North Africa and the Middle East in search of a better life in stable and wealthy EU member states.


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    • Hagbard Celine
      Take this sum time two to get the full cost including the indirect costs and then compare it to the federal budget of Germany, only to find that this compromises 30% of it.

      Game over.
    • avatar
      Thats an underestimated figure. It will cost much more.
      Merkel is a zionist implant to destroy Germany. A strong Germany in Close cooperation with Russia would pose a treat to faschist US governement
    • Aon Duine
      lmao. Tell me more about how immigrants are good for the economy. This also doesn't take into account the cost of dealing with the crime and vandalism that they will bring. Just look at all the cars that are burned in France alone, annually by fun seeking Muslim "youths".
    • FlorianGeyer
      If my math is correct the estimated cost of the immigration for every man ,woman and child in Germany from about 2014 to the end of 2017 is circa 617 Euros per person.

      The only upside of this is that Germany will not have as much money to buy as many items of overpriced US military equipment that is not really 'fit for purpose' (except of course to terrify and kill civilians as the Turks are now doing with the Kurds).
    • avatar
      Why these refugees are men only? Theft all their wives and children in Syria for Assad? Or are they hopping to return when they are fully trained and equipped in and by Europe? Or Germany? or US?
    • Blackiein reply toLinda(Show commentHide comment)
      Yes , So now kick out the US from Germany.It was a sad day these US phony
      liberaters ever set foot on German soil. A lot of good dead German soldiers tried to stop it in WW11, but they got done.RIP.
      When was the last revolution in Germany?, in the 1970 period I think,
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      50 billion to spend on them while..... losing money with the anti Russia sanctions come on germany..
    • Blackiein reply toLinda(Show commentHide comment)
      Was it worth it? defending Free Syrian Rape army by Germany and US?

    • avatar
      and by how much is germany 'ahead' financially of the other eu countries? What will happen to the power house of europe?
    • avatar
      My estimate from about 2 months ago was 25-30 bn Euro per annum when they have announced 12-17bn. Now we are talking! Germany is about to realise what an "open-door" policy really is. 50bn is not more than expected but I wanted to be more conservative in my own estimate so with this amount in press now we can freely say it will be not up to 50bn but over 50bn as they are still playing it down.
    • Mr. Blair M. Phillips
      Give the Bill to the United States of Capitalism. They created ISIS.
    • avatar
      The goal is to crash the middle class by over taxing and overburdening it. That's always been the goal.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      50 billion is just the tip of the iceberg ! That's only spending on then arriving ! Once they are here those free loaders will be part of a massive welfare system ! They go to Europe because of the welfare not to seek a better way of life for their families ! They will drain the financial system dry ! These migrants will not better the country they are in ! Name one country that has benefitted from these people arriving ? Swisterland is a perfect example of a society that once flourished but since the migrants came in they are close to 3 rd world status now and is considered the rape Capitol of the world !
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