14:19 GMT +327 February 2017
    Fire smoke and protesters on Maidan Nezalezhnosti square in Kiev. February, 22.

    Kiev Asks French TV Channel to Take Maidan Documentary Off the Air

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    Ukrainian diplomats to France lamented that the new documentary “Les Masques de la Revolution” (The Masks of Revolution) about Maidan events in Ukraine misinterprets the facts and asked the French national broadcaster not to air it.

    The representatives of Ukraine’s embassy in Paris asked French TV Channel Canal+ to cancel the showing of the film about Maidan events scheduled for February 1. The request was initially posted on the embassy’s Facebook page, but later became unavailable.

    According to the diplomats, “The Masks of Revolution,” directed by French moviemaker Paul Moreira gives a “misrepresented view on the situation in Ukraine.”

    They said the documentary is “deception” rather than the example of the “media pluralism” and advised Canal + “to reconsider the possibility of airing the film on TV.”

    The Ukrainian embassy has also suggested their list of documentaries about Maidan events, “hoping that one day these movies will be presented on Canal +.”

    The synopsis to “The Masks of Revolution” as posted on the Canal+ website reads that the movie presents a special investigation of the events that unfolded in Ukraine in 2014. In particular, it portrays the actions by far-right radical groups backed by the US and the violence in the southern city of Odessa in May, 2014 incited by nationalists.

    “Paul Moreira strips the masks of modern-day Ukraine and carries out an investigation on the firing line of the new 'cold war' between the East and the West,” the synopsis reads.

    During the shooting period, Moreira, an acclaimed French TV reporter, talked to members of such notorious organizations as “The Right sector,” “Azov” and conducted his own inquiry on the role of Washington in the Ukrainian events.


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    • avatar
      If they can't take the heat in their own kitchen, burn it down and save them the cost of a public embarrassment.
    • Ivan Buckeye
      Of course Kiev doesn't want anything Maidan right now. Ukrainians will be reminded of the big-let down and possibly have Maidan 2, where people storm Kiev and throw out the Poroshenko crowd.
    • avatar
      Elsa JV
      Embarrassed much? History has a nasty way to portray facts on the ground, not as you would like to remember it. If it depends on Kiev, the entire history of Eastern Europe and Russia would be rewritten -- their version of events.

      Too late for tears, fellas, the chickens came home to roost. The Word said, everything shall come to light . . .
    • Dirk Ramsey
      What's the matter Kiev? Truth hurts?
    • avatar
      The US may intervene to persuade the French that Mr Poroshenko must be obeyed; a few more French banks could be fined, more Daesh mayhem in Paris, or fuel some unrest in France's central African interests.
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      Well the truth is not good for some ears it appears.
    • avatar
      Ny, Pogodi !
      These Ukrainian guys should learn that we (still) enjoy freedom of press in France.
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