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    Austrian Parents Shocked After Deity Name Switched to Allah in School Song

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    Parents in an Austrian town are outraged over a word switch in a traditional children’s song, after a teacher thought it appropriate to replace the word “God” with “Allah.”

    A popular Christian song called “Gottes Liebe ist so wunderbar,” the title of which translates to “God’s love is so wonderful,” was performed at the school. A teacher in the town of Wels in northern Austria decided that she would replace the word “God” with “Allah,” writing it in by hand. She reasoned that a greater part of the 10-year-old students in the class were Muslims.

    “It isn't just about the use of the word Allah. You just can't go about rewriting text like this,” a father of an Austrian girl who brought home the edited version of the song lyrics said, according to The Local.

    He, alongside other Christian parents, complained to a school inspector. An investigation is ongoing.

    “I did not realize that the teacher was planning this. Songs like this in future have no place outside of the religious class,” Ulrike Fellinger, the head of school, commented.

    Traditionally, people in Austria and Bavaria greet each other with ‘Grüß Gott’, which translates to ‘God Greet,’ instead of the more common German ‘Guten Tag’ (‘Good day’). Roman Catholics make up some 62% of the Austrian population. According to recent estimates, Islam is practiced by some 7% of residents.


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      Time for some majority rule in the West.
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      She probably had good intention, but bad judgement. This should not be turned into which is mine, which is 'theirs' fight. Its a tradition and should not be touched so nonchalantly.

      Also, some times Westerners need to be reminded that Christianity is NOT their religion either. West never created a religion. They had no part in creating it. It was forced down their throats by Romans the same way that Islam has been on middle easterners by Arabs. So 'mine is better than yours' is a moot point.
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      Elsa JV
      This is the problem with multiculturalism or pluralism -- some things are unique and traditions should be respected. It is not the longtime residents that should adapt, the newcomers are the ones that should adapt and assimilate. This is the only way multiculturalism can happen peacefully -- otherwise it will become another boiling Middle East.
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      jasin reply toart(Show commentHide comment)
      art, Nothing was forced down my throat nor do I force anything on others. As demonstrated in your comment, the hostility usually comes from a particular viewpoint.
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      although it does seem to be a sign of the times. Recently in australia we had a minor furore :) regarding muslim children leaving a school assembly prior to the national anthem being played. Much anger and disgust. Then the principal stated that as this was during the period of Ramadan that the muslim children were not permitted by their religion to be exposed to (joyous) music - I believe that was the situation. (Regardless of whether an anthem can be joyous is another matter of course. :) )
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      artin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, of course "nothing was forced down" your throat even if you are religious, because I am pretty sure you were not around 1600-1700 years ago. Probably the only European who accepted Christianity by own will was Constantine the Great, who converted from Mithraism, which itself was an imported religion from middle east.
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      in reply toart(Show commentHide comment)
      art, you forgot Donar and Thor and other Nordic goddess
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      artin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      asco, no, I did not forget gods of Ireland, Greece, Rome, and Spain either. But they are parts of spiritual traditions of communities, which normally are the basis for giving birth to religions. Religions extract elements of indigenous or regional spiritual traditions and "make up" religions. I have no understanding why some spiritual traditions give birth to religions some don't. I have no opinion if that is a good thing or bad.
    • shaun.byatt
      Ban all religious paraphernalia, close all chu rches, mos ques and syna gogues, all temples of all types. Then we can get on with living life and loving each other. F FS all these people bit ching all the time about who has the most powerful imaginary friend is holding society back. Your all a cancer on the growth of the human spirit.
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      This article misses the point in its reporting. The point being that Allah is the Arabian Moon god and not a deity as Christians understand God to be. Ever wonder why Mosques display the crescent moon and why it is also displayed on many Islamic flags? Allah is the only god who demands submission to his ways which also include killing the unbeliever and the Jew wherever you may find him.

      That teacher who chose to use that devil god should be severely disciplined or sacked!
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toshaun.byatt(Show commentHide comment)
      shaun.byatt, your thinking is like the gunphobia crowd who believe that making draconian laws against law abiding gun owners has some magic that can make shootings just disappear over night. In an ideal world without religion we would still need something to believe in, don't you think?
    • Jesus was not the founder of Christianity as we know it today. Most of the New Testament doesn't even concern the historical Jesus while the main influence is the Apostle Paul and a Greek convert named John.
      This is so because after the death/resurrection of Jesus, the Apostle Paul (who had never met or known Jesus) created Christianity in the image he believed it should be.
      Against the Apostle Paul where two of Jesus’s disciples (who knew Jesus), the Apostle Thomas (referred to as Didymus [meaning twin in both the Aramaic and Greek] in the Gospel of St. John) and Apostle Bartholomew.
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      vendorin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      nshahhsh, just out of curiosity, how long did it take to write the Bible, and how many authors contributed to it? Thanks
    • Well, I guess throughout the history till now.. All the manipulations and fabrications of the Bible including most of the contradiction in it when you read it.. the more pope u change the more new testament will come out.. it happens in all Devine Religions.. that's where Daesh, IRA, Zionist came into the pictures.. one after another.. all the fanatic just to feed their lusts for the worldly gains.. If you praised Talmud instead of Torah.. you'll get what we have in the land of Palestine.. if you blindly interpret the Quran you can have a look at Middle East.. same goes with IRA.... IT'S ALL ABOUT HOW THE GODLESS SCUMBS USES THESE METHODS AS TOOLS..! Nowadays you can even see that Jesus doing yoga.. hehehe.. or a sun behind every Jesus's potret/images/pictures..! Anyway.. have you seen a jew.. I mean real Jews who prays like muhammad.. Go to YouTube..! These are the people of the Devine Religions.. who follows their Prophet's teachings. I believed some of us here are non religious related.. but still this is it.. I don't happen to be here from apes nor from a Big Bang.. reptiles can't just transform into a bird or humans.. and the trinity can't be explained even through mathematically.. and still the prist can't give you the exact answer of trinity..! Thank you..!
    • Kinky.
      Curb your hysteria. The Arabic translation of English word God is Allah. Allah was the term which described God even by Arab pagans before Islam was born. Your ignorance stinks like filth.
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      My gosh these people are stupid. And it is spreading around the world. It must be a disease.
    • hehehe.. 1stly..your God maybe called Jesus @ hores son of isis.. @ganesh @ Buddha whom never called himself God.. @ hallelujah... but my God is the One and only called Allah.. who cares about your English translation.. as you can never get close to 60-70% of the actual meaning unless you learn @ speak my mother tongue.. there's nothing hysterical about it.. unless if you think that you came from an ape @ a big bang.. hehehe
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