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    Medieval Europe? Migration Gridlock Dragging EU Back to the Dark Ages

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    The ongoing migration crisis adds significantly to modern-day Europe being turned into a "medieval mess," according to political analyst Robert Kaplan.

    Modern-day Europe is in danger of a return to its 'Middle Ages' map as the migration crisis and terrorist threats show no sign of abating, political analyst Robert Kaplan said. 

    He also referred to Russia's ever-increasing assertiveness, which he claimed remains a major factor contributing to Europe currently looking like a "picture of a radically fractured world."

    Refugees walk to a chartered train at the railway station of Passau, Germany, Jan. 5, 2016
    © AP Photo/ Armin Weigel
    Refugees walk to a chartered train at the railway station of Passau, Germany, Jan. 5, 2016

    He recalled that "the decades of peace and prosperity" in Europe between 1950 and 2009, when the continent's "economic contours" now see like very simple times.

    "Now, as the EU suffers one blow after another from within and without, history is reversing its course toward a debilitating complexity," Kaplan said.

    According to him, Europe currently faces an unpleasant historical paradox. During relatively quiet decades, Europe managed to create "high ideals of universal human rights", including the right to asylum in the EU.

    But today it is clear that the creation of this lofty status was actually thanks to the "oppressive regimes" in the Middle East, Kaplan claims, citing the regimes of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Bashar Assad in Syria and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

    Another critical factor is the current geopolitical role of Russia, which has again become a strategic player on the continent, according to Kaplan.

    He notes that, as during the Cold War, Europe is now split in two. According to him, the Eastern European states seek to bolster closer ties with the United States because of the alleged "sense of threat" from Russia, while Western European countries, concerned about the flow of refugees and terrorist attacks, hope to ally with Russia.

    In this regard, Germany could be at the helm of the continent, but its "Nazi heritage" and its dual policy in relations with the West and Russia prevent Berlin from becoming such a leader, according to Kaplan. As a result, the EU continues to fall to pieces, becoming to take on the appearance of the long gone multinational Holy Roman Empire, Kaplan pointed out.

    He concluded by saying that the "decades when we saw Europe as stable, predictable and boring are over," and that the map of the continent once again becomes a medieval one, albeit not in terms of boundaries, but at least in terms of its political positions and alliances."


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      If European economies start collapsing, knowing that everyone has maxed up their loans and are living off their credit cards, soon a cheap labour force may be coming from the West to the East!
    • And brace yourselves guys if a civil war happens.. back to the stone age..
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      Kaplan is talking nonsense and is clearly representing the old feudal oligarchy in his doubletalk. Europe had the Marshall plan rebuilding after the 2nd world war and that has created stability. Now the EU has been imposed on european nations to dissolve them and all is done with the worst kind of policies that will only destroy Europe.
      So things are quite opposite of what Kaplan says, the influx of refugees is a result of the economic destruction that the financial oligarchy in the City of London and Wall Street have accomplished in all developing countries and the wars on top of that.
      A new 'Marshall plan', which can be called the New Silk Road development plan is needed for mostly the whole world now, but in this respect especially war torn South-west Asia and Africa.
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      And someone can notice very clearly the absense of any talk of rebuilding plans in the 'political analyst' Robert Kaplan's 'analysis'. He sounds most like a George Soros henchman.
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      The feudal oligarchy is afraid that their EU project will disintegrate. With a Europe of the fatherlands and cooperation amoung these sovereign nation states, there is all the opportunity for Europe to both take in real refugees from war hit areas and launch a grand rebuilding plan.
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      What a piece of nonsense and waste of time! Libya and Syria were two of the most prosperous countries for their people. But after the western powers bombed these countries to pieces, of course, a refugee flood was expected. Enter the Greek Syriza leftist party, that opened the borders to ANYONE on Earth, and you have the current mess.
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      cmat.wolfgangin reply tohans.schultz(Show commentHide comment)
      the old fairy tale that the USA and Rockefeller are behind everythng that is bad for Germany. If you would have lived for some time in the US you would better know that the EU und especially Germany is not so important for the US as you may think.

      The symptom is similar to that, that a mouse always thinks the eagle would care only about catching the mouse.
    • FlorianGeyer
      The last 70 years or so of ' American Exceptionalism' has exploited the essentially vassal states of Europe to give a semblance of unity and respectability to the numerous US wars and Regime Change Operations since WW2.

      The US has got the chaos that it wishes for in Europe (to preserve the hegemony of the dollar) and for the first time since 1945 the human tide misery due to American aggression has flooded European lands.

      Karma is a wonderful thing.
    • Mikhas
      You can agree or disagree and there is certainly a catchy title and some substance, but always pay attention to who says what and for what purpose.

      In this case one should also pay attention to the surname of the author and that he also write for f. ex. "Jewish Chronicle". Is there something omitted in the article that he would feel more comfortable to convey to his fellow tribesmen in such a fora?

      Just asking...
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      hans.schultzin reply tocmat.wolfgang(Show commentHide comment)
      cmat.wolfgang, what you are saying does not make sense. This is not about the US at all. The US doesn't really have any sovereignity after all. There is no republic of the people for the people in the US today.
      This is about what the so-called leading circles have on mind for the future and other circles having better ideas for a future for the planet. It seems you will not be able to understand this at all anyway, but you don't live in the real world, or do you really believe that Russia is the aggressor towards Ukraine or what?
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      hans.schultzin reply toMikhas (Show commentHide comment)
      Mikhas, Robert Kaplan is neocon!
    • Mikhas in reply tohans.schultz(Show commentHide comment)
      hans.schultz, Exactly.
    • avatar
      cmat.wolfgangin reply tohans.schultz(Show commentHide comment)
      here we are talking about the Migration to Germany and not the Urkaine!!

      And that migration was set up by the Lefties and Greenies in Germany and not by any US Think tank. Naturally, the People who initiated the Migration to Germany do not want to be shown out in the open as the initiators, instead they want to blame some mysterious force in the US or the City of London.

      And the Chancellor Merkle is even more left than some in SPD, Linke and Green Party. Eastern Europe who stands much closer to the US does not support this migration. The entire career of Merkle was initiated by the East German government and the Stasi.
    • avatar
      cmat.wolfgangin reply tocmat.wolfgang(Show commentHide comment)
      but I must agree when it comes to those Color revolutions in North Afrika and the Ukraine etc.... They, and the wars in Iraq and Syria, were designed by Biden, Hilary C., and others in those think tanks in the US. Just remember the famous dumb talk of Hilary: "We came, we saw, he died "

      One could say, if those People were not bombed out by US wars, they wouldn't have shown up in Europe.

      I sincerely doubt much connection between the two things. The migrants were put on their way by the clear invitation of Merkle and the Lefties in Germany. Many of the migrants who show up in Germany have either no personal documents proving their ID or have faked documents. IMO, more than 80 percent are people who are coming for economic reasons.
    • Blackiein reply toMikhas (Show commentHide comment)
      Hi have you read The Protocols of The Elders of Zion ?
    • Blackiein reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, now we hear on the radio about free distribution of notebooks to take place in refugee homes. They got smart phones, but some things are just easier with a laptop. But who gets them? Not all the refugees, not all migrants, and not all poor Germans. See what I am on about! Winding up jealousy and hatred all the time as official policy!
    • in reply toBlackie(Show commentHide comment)
      Blackie, This is a nice plan if you want to create animosity between people indeed.
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      armorin reply tohans.schultz(Show commentHide comment)
      hans.schultz, agree entirely, that Kaplan man employs double talk and I cannot trust his writing. Nor his ideas. Caveat.
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