20:31 GMT05 March 2021
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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to do everything right from a moral standpoint, but in practice her policy of open doors has failed, German journalist Manfred Lachniet wrote for Neue Rhein Zeitung.

    According to Lachniet, Angela Merkel is passively watching Germany experience one of the most important and difficult periods in its history.

    "Why is this clever woman failing during one of the most important periods in German history?" the journalist asked, noting the current migration policy of the German authorities may be detrimental to the country's security.

    Lachniet accused the German Chancellor of not having a dialogue with her own people on the refugee issue. According to him, moral principles prevent Merkel from assessing the real situation in the country, where the population is concerned over their security amid the uncontrolled inflow of refugees.

    "Merkel is left with nothing: it seems that from a moral point of view, she does everything right, but in practice she failed," Lachniet wrote.

    After the sexual attacks on women in Cologne, the German government should take the fears of the population very seriously, the journalist argued.

    "Merkel has to prove that we will live in safety," he wrote, adding that the patience of the Germans may soon come to an end.

    The EU, and particularly Germany, has been trying to cope with a large-scale refugee crisis for more than a year, with hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants fleeing their home countries in the Middle East and North Africa to escape violence and poverty.

    The recent events in Cologne, in which dozens of women were robbed, sexually assaulted, and raped on New Year's Eve by groups of aggressive men, mostly of Arab and North African appearance, raised criticism among the local population regarding Merkel's policy of open doors. Germany is reported to have accepted more than one million refugees over the last year.


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