13:51 GMT26 November 2020
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    German Jews don’t feel safe anymore in the heart of Europe. That’s according to the leader of Hamburg’s Jewish community Daniel Killy.

    In one of his latest interviews Killy told the local media that deteriorating security amid the European refugee crisis and the rise of right-wing movements has led to a highly dangerous situation for Jews in Germany.

    Germany has absorbed over one million asylum seekers from mainly Muslim-majority countries last year. A number of German Jewish leaders have also warned about rising anti-Semitism because the refugees come from countries that are steeped in hatred of Jews and Israel.

    Avigdor Eskin, Israeli analyst and publicist, told Radio Sputnik in an exclusive interview that Jews not only feel threatened in Europe, but also Christians, who have become the most persecuted religious group in 2015. This situation will prompt more and more people to immigrate to Israel, Mr. Eskin said.

    “The life for many people in Europe is miserable with this level of immigrants. This is not only for Jews but for Christians as well. If we take the year 2015 we will see that Christians were the most prosecuted religious group. Jews are targeted as an ethnic group in Europe by some of these new immigrants, not all of course, but it would be fair to say that some people have been influenced by ISIS. The influence of ISIS is very strong today.”

    Eskin went on to say that Daesh's influence does not have organizational infrastructure but an ideological masculine message to these immigrants from Iraq and Syria.

    “If we take Germany the danger is obvious. On one hand there is a wave of hatred brought with some immigrants who do not find their place in Europe and feel uncomfortable as they can’t find their home there. On the other hand there is the extreme right wing in Germany which is a very worrisome factor in itself.”

    Eskin spoke about how Hitler’s autobiography book ‘Mein Kampf’ was recently sold for 1000 euros in Europe and people were buying it although it was banned for so many years. According to Eskin, “They buy it to touch it, to smell it and some of them I am afraid want to implement it.”

    The analyst also talked about the constant threat that Jews encounter in Europe just for being Jewish. “There were stabbing cases in Paris and in some cases there were terrorist encounters also and all of this makes life in Europe miserable.”

    He said that because of this danger that Jews experience the number of people going to Israel is rising. “In 2015 there were over 10, 000 Jews who moved to Israel from Western Europe and this year it will be up to 50 if not up to 100,000.”


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