21:33 GMT05 July 2020
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    Members of Britain's parliament will spend three hours debating a motion whether to ban US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump from the UK for three hours, the House of Commons has confirmed.

    The petition launched in Scotland has gathered more than 570,000 signatures, calling for Trump to be banned from entering the UK on hate speech grounds, which means is must be debated by parliamentarians.

    "Three hours is an appropriate time for a matter that more than 600,000 people think is important," Labour MP Paul Flynn and leader of the debate told Sputnik.

    "This is a people's agenda — not a politician's agenda," he added.

    "The petitions committee facilitate debate on a subject the government and opposition seek to avoid. We should allow debates to take place."

    Paul Flynn believes that there is a strong argument that Donald Trump has indulged in hate speech after "mocking the disabled, degrading women and insulting Mexicans and Muslims."

    "I think it is right a possible bar should be considered because of past precedents where people have been forbidden from coming to the country," he said. However, the Labour MP warned that that a ban could also backfire.

    "The difficulty is because he [Donald Trump] is an important political figure, a ban could be counterproductive," Paul Flynn told Sputnik.

    "As it was with Dutch politician Geert Wilders; he was banned on account of his extreme right-wing views but appealed against the ban and was allowed in. The publicity of the ban multiplied the support for Geert Wilders.

    "The last thing we want to do is garland Trump with sense of victimhood or martyrdom which might assist him amongst his supporters in the US," said Flynn.

    Instead of just banning Donald Trump from entering Britain, leader of the debate Paul Flynn suggests MPs could invite him on a tour of London.

    "We could invite him here and perhaps he can show us where the no-go areas for police are? 

    "Maybe we could take him for a walk down Brixton to show him the racial harmony. It would be spiritually educational for him," he added.

    Paul Flynn also believes it could be an opportunity for MPs to put America's gun laws under the spotlight.  

    "Maybe we could ask him why there are more people killed in the US with guns every day than are killed in Britain per year?"

    In the issue of balance, the debate on Monday 18 January will also include a less popular petition urging MPs not to ban the US Republican presidential candidate.


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