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    Germany terror threat

    Living in Fear: Germany Braced for Paris Style Terrorist Attack at Any Time

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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1812)

    In a secret report of the German Ministry of the Interior, Germany is said to have been declared as 'a target of jihadist violence.'

    The German newspaper Bild gained access to a secret report by the German Ministry of the Interior. According to the document, the threat of terrorist attacks in Germany is estimated as very high.

    Attacks on civilians, civil facilities or the government can take place in Germany "at any time", the report said. The document, specifically, warned against attacks similar to those of Paris.

    On November 13, Daesh terrorists, attacked several venues across Paris. The attack left at least 130 people dead and over 360 injured.

    According to the Ministry's report, the attacks may be carried out against various target categories with terrorists using firearms, explosives and incendiary bombs.

    The report described them as "acts of violence against government and civilian facilities as well as civil servants and civilians."

    The document stated that the greatest danger comes from former fighters who waged war in Syria as a part of the Daesh terrorist group. Up to 850 Germans are said to have joined Daesh in the Middle East and 300 of them have reportedly returned, "ready to fight and completely brutalized."

    Germany is particularly expected to boost its security amid recent terrorist attacks in Istanbul.

    At least 10 German nationals were killed during an explosion that took place in Istanbul’s historical city center earlier this week. Turkish authorities called the incident a terrorist act and claimed that the attack was linked to the Daesh terrorist group, which is outlawed in several countries including Russia.

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1812)


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      Close, seal all borders.
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      Headline states: "Living in Fear". Media sure likes to sensationalize things. Nothingwrong with preparing oneself for problems or being cautious.

      And,personally, I think it's a smart thing to do, especially after what has been happening.
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      Europeans, do not allow to be brainwashed! This all is not staged for the "quests". It is staged for you - to accept the militarization of your daily life. "Guests" are the hook. Once the weapons owned by civilians reach the point of making enough people feeling confident, the "masses" will erupt. Then, the overseas "friends" will come to establish an order.

      Merkel already called for increase in defense budget, saying "We need to make a rational, qualitative contribution so that others - across the Atlantic - are willing to get involved," quoted the Bild newspaper. This statement means that Germany is basically not able to protect themselves and therefore the Americans at least have to indicate goodwill"


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      Welcome more refugees :) in order to fight IS locally.
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      michaelin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, brilliant! That way logistical problems are solved, PR is a dream, reinforcements are easier to obtain and the politicians have a front row seat to enjoy their investments. :)
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