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    MH17 Malaysian Airlines Boeing crash in Ukraine

    Missile Fragments Disprove Dutch Safety Board's MH17 Report - Rosaviatsia

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    MH17 Crash Investigation (246)

    New facts obtained by Russian experts through an additional study confirm that some conclusions of the Dutch final report on the MH17 crash in Ukraine were unsubstantiated and inaccurate, Russia's civil aviation regulator Rosaviatsia says.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — According to a letter sent by Oleg Storchevoy, deputy head of Rosaviatsia, to Dutch Safety Board Chairman Tjibbe Joustra, the Russian experts “continued their research based on the additional data specified in the final report and as a result obtained some new important facts that had been not examined in the course of the investigation."

    The new facts of the Dutch report called into question include the presence of heavy air defense systems in eastern Ukraine that were not controlled by Ukrainian government forces, the fact that the aircraft was hit by a 9N314M high-explosive fragmentation warhead, that the warhead that hit the aircraft was carried by a 9M38-series missile launched by a Buk surface-to-air missile system, and the position of the missile in relation to the aircraft at the moment of detonation, as well as the area it was launched from.

    The final report by the Dutch Safety Board on the MH17 crash in Ukraine ignores the fact that Kiev deliberately concealed or distorted information on real threats to the safety of civil flights arising from the military activities of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, Rosaviatsia said.

    “The conclusion made in the report…that Ukraine, having sovereign control of its airspace, was responsible for ensuring the safety of flights…appears to be incomplete and does not reflect the objective fact that Ukraine ignored safety risks for civil aircraft after unleashing hostilities in the east of the country.”

    The full text of the letter has been posted on Rosaviatsia's official website.

    Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crashed over the Donetsk region in southeastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 people on board. The Kiev government forces and local independence supporters were fighting in the area at the time, and traded blame for the incident.

    The DSB final report into the crash, released in mid-October, said a surface-to-air missile exploded near the passenger aircraft’s left side.

    Storchevoy said later that month that he Dutch-led investigation team refused to allow Russia access to the Buk missile fragments allegedly found at the MH17 crash site or disclose their serial numbers, while some photographs that have emerged of the missile fragments raise further doubts.

    Almaz-Antey, the Russian arms manufacturer that builds Buk missile systems, conducted a separate probe into the crash. It found that the missile that hit the plane could only have been launched by a Buk system located in the region of Zaroshchenske, controlled by Kiev forces at the time of the incident.

    MH17 Crash Investigation (246)


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    • vvj3080
      Looks like the Dutch are very loyal to Nato and US and not to the victims.
    • avatar
      If it were to be proved that the Ukr Army shot down MH17 to discredit Russia, it would be also proven by corollary that the West covered this up for the same reason- the west will never let this happen as the political fallout would be tectonic.
    • avatar
      teddy j
      when so-called ''official investigations" -- clearly working as parties of the accusers (USA/DUTCH/KIEV - WEST) OF another party (russia)

      are in control of the investigation and REFUSE to show ALL evidence and material for open world public inquiry -- and specifically EXCLUDES the primary victim (malaysia) from access , just like excluding the 'accused" (russia) also from the complete material and evidence and process of investigation...

      it , by definition - is proof of GUILT of a cover-up .

      and a cover-up points to hiding something of very explosively damning evidence:

      that the ACCUSERS ARE the ones that are the true guilty parties of the crime...they accuse russia of.
    • avatar
      Ivan Zadorozhny
      All points to Ukraine's complicity in the shoot-down. Why look for improbable causes?
    • dan sheppard
      Still to this day no mention of eyewitness accounts in the MSM... the dog that did not bark.

      The DSB has only provided one fact in its Final Report into the downing of MH17...
      That such a modern Air Crash investigation could be done by a monkey smoking a cigar on a typewriter, and have the same value in its forensic professionalism as they do.
    • in reply tovvj3080(Show commentHide comment)
      vvj3080, Well 20 tons of gold from ukraine can change your "views" you know.. =)
    • avatar

      I saw that, and couldn't believe my eyes! Isn't it everything we need to know about this crash which turns into a prophecy? And how we should interpret it?
    • ariavdin reply toObserver(Show commentHide comment)
      Observer, May be it is monsanto land
    • Terrain reply tovvj3080(Show commentHide comment)
      The dutch government that is!
    • Terrain reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams,
      All these dutch politic's are all sell outs to the u.s and that's the reason that since this so called accident they have been getting very nice jobs in brussel!
    • avatar
      Observerin reply toariavd(Show commentHide comment)
      Ariavd, speaking about Ukraine, very possible it is Monsanto land, or in near future. It is obviously a part of some utility infrastructure. However, the symbolic is there...and for believers - the message, as well.
    • avatar
      This is a Hollywood movie directed by the USA.The actors are the dutch and the ukis. As usual the hollywood movies spin tear jerks/adrenaline pumper and will always blame others, specially the soviets and russia.The Dutch is a Yankee boot-liker .The world will never be told that the entire act of shooting the plane was orchestrated by the exceptional nation.
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