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    Afghan migrants stand in the Jungle of Calais, northern France, Friday, Sept. 18, 2015.

    Sexual Harassment in Cologne on New Year's Eve Prepared - Justice Minister

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    Europe Sees Wave of Sex Attacks Amid Migrant Crisis (40)

    A series of assaults on women in the German city of Cologne on New Year's Eve had been planned in advance, German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — On New Year's Eve, dozens of women in Cologne were robbed, threatened and sexually assaulted by small groups of aggressive men mostly of Arab and North African origin.

    "No one can tell me that it hasn't been agreed or prepared. We urgently need to find out how such heinous crimes happen," Maas told Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

    Over 170 women have filed criminal complaints over the New Year’s Eve events in Cologne so far, including 113 for sexual assault. Investigators have identified a total of 32 suspects, with most of them being migrants or asylum seekers.

    Several similar New Year's Eve incidents mostly related to sexual harassment were reported in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Berlin.

    Europe Sees Wave of Sex Attacks Amid Migrant Crisis (40)


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    • Drain the swampin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, You are a very cunning devil,out to con us dumb goys, an Australian sumneredstone perhaps? If there was a "gladio" type force behind the attacks, surely your characterisation of the participants who "are ready to act against its citizens who happen to be their hosts", who have simply been used, has a very yiddish dershowitzian logic to it. An advanced devil.
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      in reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, in order to be an advanced devil or angel I would need to be a believer first. As I do rely on reason more than beliefs I leave the devilish part to you so you can amuse yourself with these imaginary characters while I would be content with a cold stubby. :)
    • Drain the swampin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, So what kind of "reason" tells you that its "just a start" when you at the SAME TIME say that it was only a setup? Its aka as yiddish dershowitzery, synagogue of satan "reason", the kind a Judge Hellerstein in Jew York has.
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      in reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here,New reports put offenses at nearly 400 now.
      If it was a false flag, they flew it a little too early. More are still coming, right? Lots more....don't want to shut the gate yet, right?
      So these guys are revolting without any provocation....
      Maybe...it's a character issue on the part of the those who have so little appreciation or concern for women. German women intimidate those jerks...they say "F-U....and gimmie a feel and your bag too, "Who's in charge now"? Fox and the grapes story...can't have them so they degrade and diminish.
      These guys are disoriented, dis-empowered and broke. Sorta like caged animals in a way. Striking out while drunk then is hardly surprising.
      They do not tolerate women appearing to be over them, they are beneath them, they think.
      When the "guests" realize how badly they crapped in their own bed maybe they'll chill out at next big celebration. Or there will be blood.
      I'm not sure people can grasp the culture and the situation to see a false flag is not likely or necessary. It actually It hurts the whole Merkel campaign. These guys actually talk in a way that would shock people when they speak of women. I have been, here in Helsinki.
    • Drain the swampin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      seancstark, Sorry you are now retracting and doing a maradona, if it was not a false flag OBVIOUSLY we have a problem, there is no argument. The "reason" bit hits cognitive dissonance,is when you say its a false flag and then at the same time go on to say "its a start", its very sly dershowitzery an unsuspecting goy can internalise and look to punch the nearest 7/11 operator.

      A bit like the contrived yiddish singysongy between harleyguy/levanthal one hour after 911 - and thenall us goyim wanted to nail the nearest muzzy !! That THREE skyscrapers could incredulously free-fall on the same day was forgotten, pure synagogue of satan !!
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      in reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, Re-read. Not a false flag. Start? Start what?
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      in reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, conditional sentences perhaps sometimes may be quite confusing and complex to comprehend especially if an advanced and cunning devil may be advocating a certain point with intention to confuse and mislead an unsuspecting soul who, as it seems, has a pervasive and dare I say perverted proclivity towards the chosen population of an imaginary omnipresent creature in almost every sentence regardless of its condition or form, so much and so often that I am compelled to say that it seems if it were on the borderline of conventional and appropriate behaviour.

      Could it be that the owner of these thoughts suffers from an acute and complex psychological form of belonging or affinity and vividly in every post he displays his own struggle with it and all of this because the membership to the above ensemble is inherited through a natural way of birth, therefore finding himself an outcast while obsessing publicly of a way of becoming a part of it, himself?

      Now, I wonder. (while sipping on my beer)
    • Drain the swampin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, bwahahaha,no need to wonder, the empirical evidence IS there, the synagogue of satan has taken over a bunch of ex-convicts entirely, whilst they are busy putting prawns on the barbie WAKE UP !! (unless you are one of em a sumnerredstone as taqqiya as murdoch, with a share in the Golan Heights oil !!)
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      in reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3...You should mention what "taqqiya" is... Like "ketman" from "The Captive Mind."
    • Drain the swampin reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      Vendor, Hell, we are talking of devils who killed the Son of God !! With a poster on every blog equivalent in Roman Herods time, WAKE UP even if you dont believe !! But the synagogue of satan has also recruited the andersoncoopers with promise of gay marriage legislation, mebbe you have been enrolled too?
    • avatar
      in reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, let me contemplate on it for a while whilst you are in the pursuit of finding an appropriate mirror so you can see your maleness one last time before the initiation rite so you can finally ease the pain of loneliness. The power of a "haircut" is emancipating and liberating I have been told. With no fear you walk into it and never look back.
    • Drain the swampin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, we are slowly unearthing the truth then? No wonder the devils have taken over cameron,hollande,keys,merkel cerullo,wellby,etc,etc - they all have non hebrew non-chosen khazar genes, so it must be Satan power behind it all, as the Jehovahs Weaknesses would have us believe? Only the Russian Orthodox Church and Putin can save us from it.
    • avatar
      in reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      WW3 is here, oh well, trust me you are not the only one. You have clones and I have met them! They all belong to the same faction you do. It is just a repetition of an old story BUT an Orthodox church, be it Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian or any other suffers across the board of the same acute illness, as any other. For instance, recently it has been claimed that the Holy See has been suffering from sexually hyperactive and inappropriate activities but then, would you believe, a Russian orthodox priest was charged with child grooming, and indecent assault of teenage boy in Sydney. And I do not limit these kind of activities or any other criminalities just to the Russian orthodoxy. Oh, no! It is quite wide spread disease within every church or religious franchise, so it is not surprising that the above fellas of the ME origin are quite randy but with a wrong sexual orientation in mind. And I will tell you why!

      Any group (male pack) mentality or activity be it religious or sexual is and always should be considered as latent homosexuality, as mature and stable gentlemen do not need this kind of reinforcement or male companionship.

      This is not Sparta! :)
    • Eva Brown
      Lol ... poor migrants now is their fault ! Why women go out not properly with a gurka ?
    • Drain the swampin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, yeah if its not the Churches then its something else,we are being fooled time and again eg in 1989 the Russians revised the Auschwitz figure from 4m to 1.5m so the holocaust equation became 6-4+1.5=6m ? Surely a 6m holohoax?
    • Blackie in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      HI Now read JimStone on internet. He explains that.
    • Blackie
      Well it will not be long before German Women are wearing the ABAYA like
      the Saudi people do. Is that so bad?, and surely it will help Women to be more family minded and modest?.
      This is a real game changer, and truly" femminism" and" SLUTISM" has surely had its day!
    • avatar
      in reply toBlackie (Show commentHide comment)
      Africa, who is JimStone?
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toEva Brown(Show commentHide comment)
      Eva, now you want Nepalese soldiers to escort all German women when they go outside of their homes? LOL Sorry, I couldn't resist, I know that you meant burqa. But it was a nice idea! :)
    • avatar
      in reply toBlackie (Show commentHide comment)
      Africa, just looked him up. :) No thanks.
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