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    Picture taken on December 31, 2015 shows people gathering in front of the main railway station in Cologne, western Germany

    Düsseldorf Residents Create Own Militias After Cologne Assaults

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    Following the Cologne attacks, Düsseldorf residents have created a Facebook group "Düsseldorf on alert!". Members of the group intend to patrol the city on weekends and during mass events.

    The city police are unhappy with the new development. The monopoly on the use of force belongs to the state, the police press service stated.

    Following the mass attacks on women that occurred on New Year's Eve in Cologne, Düsseldorf residents decided to take initiative into their hands.

    The activists created a Facebook group "Dusseldorf on alert!" which attracted over nine thousands of people within few days. The main idea of the group is to organize special security groups and establish joint patrols of the city during various events.

    "Following the events at the Cologne Central Station on New Year's Eve (nearly 80 sexual assaults and rape, according to the media), we decided to mobilize in Düsseldorf," the main page of the group said.

    The group members question the efficiency of the police and the state and therefore want to take responsibility for their own security. They stated that the groups has nothing to do with politics and is only designed to "make our city safe for our women."

    A recent ARD survey revealed that 30 percent of Germans are now trying to avoid public places, while 82 percent want to have more video surveillance in public places.

    Mass attacks against women took place in Cologne and a number of other German cities on New Year's Eve during the celebrations. The German police registered 121 criminal incidents, including sexual assaults and cases of robbery.

    The crimes were reportedly committed by gangs of intoxicated men described as being "of Arab or North African" origin.


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      sakisselin reply tojerrys57(Show commentHide comment)
      Until these so-called "refugees" injure, rape, and/or kill a member of the politicians' families, very little will be done.

      The politicians are more concerned with "political correctness" and appearance than the safety and well-being of those who put them in office.

      While there may be a few true "asylum seekers", I opine that the biggest majority of these 15 to 40 year old, able-bodied males are simply an invasive force of muslims looking to disrupt, terrorize, and destroy those countries taking them in.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      ITS ABOUT TIME THE GERMAN PEOPLE HAVE DECIDED TO PROTECT THEMSELVES ! They can not rely on the police since the police are being told by those in charge of the political arena NOT to do anything ! The media is controlled like puppets and will purposely withhold any bad news related to the filthy migrants coming into Germany as well. So the German people have no choice but to take matters into their own hands and post their own news regarding all matters on social media so the world can see the truth.
    • John Doein reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      vendor, Newsflash! Chaos has already arrived in Germany.
    • John Doein reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss, Which makes perfect sense since the problem is coming from the refugees. There is nothing wrong with racial profiling when the crimes are being committed by a specific group of people.
    • John Doein reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss, Again Mark, there is a reason why racial profiling happens. If black people in America were not committing the majority of violent crimes against themselves and other people they wouldn't necessarily be treated the way they are right now (racially profiled). If we go by the numbers (per capita) they commit violent crimes in the thousands of percents higher then any other racial group living in America. The police know what to expect (nine times out of ten) when they have to deal with a black perpetrator, hence the disrespect. This is just common sense. and believe me, I am not a current fan of the way our police are trained or how the majority of them treat most Americans. But I can understand why some of them act the way they do towards black people.

      In order for things to change across the board we have to change. That means black communities need to take responsibility in how they raise their children. It means that white communities need to bring the state and federal governments back under control (force them to follow the supreme laws of the land).

      The police aren't just murdering black people but that is what the media wants Americans to think. Are the police murdering more black people then non-blacks in America? Probably. The question is why?
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      in reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss, Well, tell us. What constitutes "criminal"? It is operating with disregard to the "rules" of government/legislature. Is this bad? Not if the laws/rules are bad. Who decides? The people. Are the people qualified/justified in deciding? Right or wrong, yes they are. They decide who governs. And when the elected representatives pay no heed to the electorate, then the electorate is be justified in its conduct.

      This may lead to the left/right dichotomy and therefore an automatic left/right reaction. However, in the current context it is misplaced. Are Islamic prescriptions acceptable to the right or left (I think we can ignore past and present right-wing alliances being, as they are based, on expedience)?

    • Mark Gewissin reply toJohn Doe(Show commentHide comment)
      John Doe, Social class (income levels) and not race or religion determine crime rates. Crime rates, high school drop out rates, and drug use (including manufacture and dealing) in poverty stricken 99% lily-white rural Pennsylvania is comparable to what you'd find in inner city Philadelphia, for example. Similarly, crime statistics for middle class whites and blacks are the same.

      There are regional differences in the usa as well: crime rates have always been higher in the south than in the north going back to colonial times.

      If there is a "Muslim Problem" in the usa - and I don't think there is - there are zero crime statistics to support this view. Muslim immigrants in the usa are very different than Europe's: most immigrants here arrive with established professional and business skills, are vigorously upwardly mobile, and solidly middle class.

      Americans need to wise up regarding class distinctions and the effects, both personal and social, of increasing income inequality instead of looking at race and religion... But that is what our overlords fear most.
    • Mark Gewissin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      grant606, Some good points, but still...

      "Are the people qualified/justified in deciding? Right or wrong, yes they are."

      Then mob violence is ALWAYS justified?
      Then the Maidan mob in Kiev are "qualified/justified" (your words) when they call for the death of all ethnic Russians in the Ukraine and outlaw the use of the Russian language?
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      jasin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, I made that remark with a touch of sarcasm, in that it wasn't "a little" at all. I see many signs that this is an directed attack on the EU, using people. The timing is too suspicious. Who on Earth would accept "migrants" from that area, during a brutal war and not check IDs or strictly monitor the movements of every single new arrival? (rhetorical question)
    • avatar
      Wonderful, now do the job, and, do it well. Run their kind all the way back to Africa, and, farther. Find for everyone of them an open piece of land, made to fit their physical being perfectly, and, then lay them in it. Germany, you are at war, don't make the same mistake today that was made then, not so long ago. Go ahead and ravage your enemy as they are ravaging you, for, the criminals who make up history also publish it, so the world may never know the truth anyway. Why bother with image, the image of Germany has already been cast, and, because of Germans being afraid, timid, bleeding hearts, dogooders, that image is only going to get worse. People of Germany, you are innocent of all the lies and malicious slander you have had to suffer for the last hundred years, rise up, reclaim your nation, run the creeps out of Europe. A million dead muslims is not adequate reparation for the crime of one muslim who hurts a German. It really is: PAY BACK TIME!
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      grant606in reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss, Re Maidan/Kiev. Given the covert backing of the US and overt backing of the neo-Nazis in power, then I question whether this represents a consensus of the people; it is coercion by a powerful minority. By way of analogy, who says what goes, the man with AK-47 or his unarmed half-dozen opponents?
    • Mark Gewissin reply togrant606(Show commentHide comment)
      grant606, The Maidan "Revolution" was more of a foreign-backed coup, as you point out, and wasn' t a popular uprising. The American Revolution was fully bankrolled by France, The Russian Revolution was enabled by Germany, etc. In the end I'd say whoever pays for the AKs - or more accurately, the ammo - rules.
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      michaelin reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark, have you read of any reason for the low / zero crime statistics for muslims migrating to the U.S.? Is there a thorough screening or are there other requirements placed on potential immigrants? It's an interesting point that you've made. Thanks.
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      michaelin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, thanks for that, I'm slowly picking up on the various styles of contributors here. I'm a nitpicker.:)
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      michaelin reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark, also from what we're reading, whoever pays for the mercenaries.
    • Mark Gewissin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)

      I found the needed references:

      The first, from The Pew Charitable Trusts, is a good introduction with a lot of graphics:


      The second, from International Business Times, gets to the heart of the issue we've been discussing here by comparing American and French Muslim populations. This article especially gives the details and analysis we want:

    • avatar
      michaelin reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark, the comment that jumps out for me is of the mother's rejection. I'll read both in detail later today - I've only made a quick scan. Many thanks for taking the time to find and post, it is much appreciated. :)
    • John Doein reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss, - Meh...Culture has a lot to do with crime rates, not just social class. And crime is always a personal/individual decision. There are plenty of people who live in poverty who do not murder other human beings or blame everyone else for their lot in life. While I agree, you'll find some of the same behaviors in white people who are poor you will not find all of the behaviors found in the black community. Whites do not have a mainstream media that glorifies the "thug life".

      There is a Muslim problem in the U.S. and once they reach parity things will spin out of control. If you think Muslim immigrants in the U.S. are different I would recommend studying up on Michigan. They've already lopped off a few heads, made several mob attacks on Christians, etc.. Personally my experiences with Muslims have been positive but I also realize that people act differently when they are a minority. Once they reach parity things will change very quickly. I'm thinking more of the mob mentality that is inherent in all human beings. People are intelligent and mobs are dangerous and destructive. One reason they have reached the middle class is because white people, the Americans who were born here and whose ancestors built this country, are being discriminated against. Besides affirmative action, immigrants get massive advantages over true Americans. One example I'll use is a grant. A white nurse asked for help in schooling ans was given a measly sum of $127.00 while her black counterpart was given $5000.00. Does that seem fair to you? It's open season on white people these days.

      The problems don't simply come from our overlords. These problems are within all of us, part of our human make-up. I'm a realist and I'm a compassionate person. But as time wears on my compassion grows cold. I'm sick of being the victim of racist colored people. I have zero guilt in regards to what their ancestors experienced. Hell, my ancestors experienced the same damn thing but you don't hear me bitching about it.

      There will never be racial harmony. You can't change the nature of man. Some people are good and others are not. I fall into the first category, but after being abused for no reason I'm taking sides. Since my skin is not brown I'm siding with my own people.
    • Mark Gewissin reply toJohn Doe(Show commentHide comment)
      John Doe, Which is more important to you? Your ethnicity or your patriotism?
    • John Doein reply toMark Gewiss(Show commentHide comment)
      Mark Gewiss, Sorry for the belated reply Mark. It all depends on context and to be honest I'm not big on patriotism since most of it is engineered and manipulated by our corrupt government. Ethnicity becomes a more difficult problem, even in America. Our country was primarily created by white men for white men. The Declaration of Independence wasn't about "all men being created equal" in the way most people understand it in contemporary times. Jefferson wasn't talking about race he was talking about men being equal under the law of the land. So many people use that line to bash the framers because they owned slaves and because they "stole" land from the Indians. But they just don't understand the context in which it was written.

      America used to be primarily white. Now the tide is turning and it will not bode well for white people or for the country. Remember, we had to fight a war (The War of Northern Aggression) that led to the changing of all men's political status, in order to accommodate the black slaves. We're still feeling the ramifications of those actions and they have been largely destructive for all of us.

      If you want to know what I think when it comes to America I'll tell you. A country brought together as one people through just, moral laws where freedom and liberty truly do reign supreme. I would like to see a white majority but I'm certainly not a white nationalist. It wouldn't be right in my eyes. Native Americans and black people have been part of this country since its founding, hence they are just as American as any white man is. Having said that, after all these years we still haven't managed to come together as one people. On top of all that we have an evil cabal of men and women doing us serious harm by allowing a flood of illegal aliens into the country (millions each year) who do not want to assimilate and are actually changing the fabric of American society in severely negative ways. In order to combat all these threats and threats that haven't yet been discussed, very tumultuous times are ahead of us, as a nation and as a people.

      Worse still, we're totally polarized and the propaganda machine shows no signs of abating. It's getting stronger, if anything.
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