19:46 GMT +327 October 2016
    Turkish Air Force F-16

    Turkish Fighter Jets Violate Greek Airspace Over Aegean Sea… Again

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    A formation of four Turkish fighter jets violated Greek air space in the northeastern Aegean Thursday, the Greek Defense Ministry said, adding that two of the aircraft were armed.

    The intruders strayed into Greek airspace three times and on each occasion Greek air defenders scrambled interceptors to identify the Turkish jets and chase them off, the Athens-based daily newspaper Kathimerini reported on Friday.

    “Ankara’s provocative actions are meant to tell the world that Turkey does not recognize the existing air and sea borders in the Eastern Mediterranean,”Greece’s former deputy military chief of staff Frangoulis Frangos told the Moscow-based newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

    Turkey refuses to recognize a 10-mile airspace zone around Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, which led to at least 1,300 airspace violations in 2015, 31 of which took place over Greek territory.

    Turkey has a long history of straying into Greek airspace, with incidents rising over the past several years to 2,224 in 2014.

    Intruding flights over Greek territory more than doubled in 2015, compared to the previous year.


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    • arnelmadrinan
      Greece need S400
    • danielmartin516
      I would ask Russia for military help if i was the Greek premier to put an end to this Turkish provocations.
    • Aon Duine
      I wish the Greeks would just shoot them down already. Force their hand.
    • jj42
      Shoot them down Greece
    • I disagree. Greece is a NATO and EU member. Once they exit both then perhaps/maybe it could be considered. Until then, let them be violated by their own allies.
    • Cevdet Bey
      Greeks and us brothers so many years we are same like each others. And this violations is mutual. Real danger in this land communism.. Greek never do not dare fly our jet. Because they learn us in Kardak Crisis same like russian learn us Su-24 crisis. :) Do not underestimate Turkey never...
    • ivanwa88
      S300 does not have political agenda get one in set geographic boundary for flight errors for single plane in this case with 4 planes its a cunning precursor to actual attack! cannot be tolerated get Turkey to sign memorandum of understanding giving some allowances for protection of strategic assets and set S300 for good to go! Is Russia allowed to supply Nato nation? anyway why hasn't Nato provided air defence for Greece like they have for Turkey? If I was Greece I would beg steal or borrow S300 before they get attacked! dont think its to far off! Greece is fabulous holiday destination for Russians (soon to be) perhaps that's the real reason of these provocative flights (veiled threat that planes bringing tourists to Greece might not be safe )how about a nice SU 34 escort would be worth the price of a ticket just to watch through window perhaps a side show or so!!?
    • Shoot them down, I wouldn't think twice about it..... like Ankara could bltch or whine, they have no friends that would even consider backing them up
    • yqymppawin reply todanielmartin516(Show commentHide comment)
      danielmartin516, Russia offered his help to take out Greece from the EU-US-NATO influences in summer 2015 but Tsipras (I don't blame him, becuse no one knows how many and how horrible were the pression -nicer name given to general and personal threats- he had to face) decided to re-embrace troika's Monetary Union.

      I remark: grrek people expressed its will, and it was punctually disattended. Where's democracy? US help Greece, democracy is heavily threatens! I was so disappointed with Oby, no touching speeches about democrasy this time :'(
    • ivanwa88
      Do you really think Turkey cares if there planes get shot down! what Im more interested in knowing ,is whats behind these acts is it to create an unstable dangerous air routes and damage tourism to Greece from Russia.
    • ivanwa88
      They could perhaps send a million of there elderly and incapacitated to Turkey and ask for 6 billion to take them back! seems to be fashionable these days. With the offer of another 2 million if they continue air space violations. That should quieten them down for awhile.
    • Panagiotis Brd
      Once Athens is substituted by Moscow as the capital city then many similar issues will be resolved fast . Like the fact that many greeks from the islands visit the Turkish hospitals or other facilities that the greek governments cannot offer to that zone . Tourists on the greek islands cannot be used as a shield . It is a hot line from Evros to Rodos and Crete . Of course no one forgets Cyprus .
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