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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel  in front of Germany's heraldic eagle

    Self-Destruct: 'Merkel Hurls Europe Into Chaos' German Politician

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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1810)

    Broad statements cannot replace real actions by the government to solve the European migrant crisis, German politician Christian Lindner said.

    Leader of the German Free Democratic Party Christian Lindner accused Chancellor Angela Merkel of inaction on the migrant issue and an improper migrant policy, according to the official website of the party.

    With her actions, the German Chancellor has plunged Germany and Europe as a whole into chaos, the politician said.

    Germany should not take single-handed decisions on solving the migrant issue, he added.

    He also harshly criticized Merkel’s famous words calling for people to support migrants: "We can do this." Lindner said the words cannot replace real actions needed from the government. The only way to resolve the crisis is an immigration law systematizing registration of migrants and contributing to their legal integration.

    Politicians of the ruling German coalition have repeatedly called for Merkel to introduce limits for the influx of refugees coming to Germany. However, Merkel has refused to limit the number of migrants which would close the German borders for new-comers.

    Earlier, German broadcaster ZDF conducted a weekly ZDF-Politbarometer phone survey on the migrant issue. The majority of the respondents (52 percent) assessed Merkel’s efforts on the crisis as rather bad. In addition, 74 percent of them said that the migrant crisis is a threat to the European unity.

    According to the latest data from Frontex, nearly 1.2 million migrants came to Europe in the first ten months of 2015. The European Commission considered the ongoing crisis the biggest since the World War II era.

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1810)


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      INTERGRATION is the key. We d not want them destroying our lifestyle and culture just to accommodate them. why can the governments not see this
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      Geraldinebattin reply totonyw247(Show commentHide comment)
      tonyw247, they do see it,and they do want it.
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!
      This has all been conveniently set up because of the increasing terrorist and M.E. conflicts along with the continued interfering and manipulation by the septics (US) N.W.O. They have intentions to also bring the E.U. down, to wreck, both financially and N.A.T.O. Please read the Rothschilds N.W.O. 25 Point Plan to give you a better understanding.

    • Blackie
      How stupid does it get?.
      As if the Police and cameras stop crime, what a laugh.
      At Cologne the Police were outnumbered so they capituated and the crime continued.
      It has to be done deliberately on the innocent people?
    • avatar
      Observerin reply toCapt'nSkippy !!!(Show commentHide comment)
      Skippy !!!, Read the Bible instead this b......t! They can plan whatever they want. The Big Plan is the one of Trinity God - Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
    • Mikhas
      As a method of keeping wages down and the working class disintegrated and in total disarray, flooding the continent with immigrants is the best there is. US regime has stated that EU "would do good being more like us"..

      Along with keeping traditional good Christian values and Christianity at bay, praising sodomy and family dissolving depraved and degenerate "gay-lifestyles" etc
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!in reply toObserver(Show commentHide comment)
      Observer, thank you and yes I fully agree with you, but even in the bible in Revelation, it is what I believe, fully describes events that will lead to the apocalypse and the 7 year one world government . It is a matter of interest I just do some cross referencing!
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      It is not only that Germany decides for the whole Europe. It is that Merkel decides for all Germany and whole Europe. There is a word for that, and this word is dictatorship.

      Hundred of thousands of Germans now should be all over the streets chanting one single word "RESIGNATION!"

      Hundred of thousands of Europeans should be also on the streets chanting for Jean Claude Juncker's and Martin Schulz resignations.

      Otherwise, Europe slowly but surely is moving towards US protectorate. And it will be what Europe deserves. Nobody can do our job. We really act as the Indians during the times America was colonized by the ancestors of the same people who try colonizing us now.
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      Observerin reply toCapt'nSkippy !!!(Show commentHide comment)
      Skippy !!!, perfectly agree with you. I just wanted to remind Who is the Lord. The believers know, everything we see now is thе roar of a spiritual battle which is going on beyond our limited human senses. However, this is crucial who we identify with - with life, or with death. The fear is the instrument for evil to steal the souls who otherwise would be saved. We do not have any reason to be scared by these demonized creatures who will end in hellish eternity.
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      In 2017 there will be economically fragile Germany due to its refugee policies.
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