17:52 GMT12 June 2021
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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel made neither public nor personal statements about the terror alert in Munich or the violent attacks on women in Cologne.

    Both events occurred five or six days ago and left the German population in the state of shock.

    “Who has been waiting for a clear, or at least compassionate word of the Chancellor during the emergency meeting on Tuesday […] was disappointed,” German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN) wrote.

    Instead of some appropriate reaction to the recent events, Merkel continued to persuade Germans that “some things may develop for the better,” DWN wrote.

    “Many events will accompany us this year. But we must not let them discourage us, we must always persuade each other that we can change something for the good. Some things may develop for the better,” Merkel argued.

    The New Year’s holidays turned out to be a mess for some Germans. On January 1, French intelligence agencies have warned Munich authorities about two suicide bombers and five accomplices who were said to be preparing terrorist attacks in the city.

    A day earlier, on the New Year's Eve, some 90 women in Cologne were robbed, threatened and sexually assaulted by small groups of aggressive men allegedly of Arab and North African origin.

    According to DWN, Merkel seems to be out of touch with reality which became totally different after the New Year’s celebrations. The newspaper called the Chancellor’s speech “a colossal political failure” and said that the Chancellor does not want to recognize the real security threat in her country.

    “She wants Germany to show ‘friendly face’. It is unclear whether the pastoral Chancellor would go so far as to advise people to turn the other cheek,” the article said.

    The recent events caused a lot of criticism regarding of Merkel's policy of open-doors towards migrants and refugees. According to the latest data, over a million of refugees from the Middle East and Africa arrived in Germany over the course of the year.

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