03:05 GMT +325 February 2017
    Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus claims that Europe will soon face a real migration tsunami.

    Former Czech President Says Europe Likely to Face 'Real Migration Tsunami'

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    Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus claims that Europe will soon face a "real migration tsunami".

    PRAGUE (Sputnik) — Europe will soon face a "real migration tsunami," Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus said Sunday.

    "Apparently, another migration of nations is coming. Someone [in Europe] thinks that the migration wave has already passed. But it only begins, a real tsunami is coming only now," Klaus said in an interview with the Prima TV channel.

    According to Klaus, the migration wave cannot be stopped in the center of Europe, so it should be tackled on EU external borders.

    The former president said the mandatory quota system on redistributing refugees proposed by the European Commission would be eventually adopted by the Czech Republic, which continuously opposed it. He added that quotas, however, would not solve the migration crisis.

    Europe is currently struggling to cope with a massive refugee influx, with hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing conflict-torn countries of the Middle East and North Africa in search of asylum in Europe.


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      Ivan Zadorozhny
      God save us from EU.
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      Of course they are and I'm glad they are. Something is needed to make nations understand that supporting America is of no benefit and actually a sever liability.
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      I wonder what Klaus' evidence is for another movement of people? Surely it is not solely based on extrapolation of further conflict in middle east region?
    • Mother Gorilla
      He is right, 240 still arrived today in Berlin, Germany, alone, and this in spite of the fact that the numbers coming by way of the Balkans are supposed to be dwindling, and temperatures have fallen to 10 below 0.
      Maybe the Czech Republic will get less, since its economy is less important, and does not need to get ruined as urgently!
    • Serves those idiots in Europe right. Price they paid for subjecting themselves to what America tells them to do and they, the Americans, never suffer the consequences of all their regime changes and false flag operations.
    • Blackie
      Germany with benefits is one of the most selfish in Europe.
      It is beyond all reason why they bring them in for the dole.
    • avatar
      I think he is right! It is not the number of refugees that may yet to come but the undertaking of the EU to accommodate and care and invest in refugee's integration will be a financial tsunami and burden that will break the neck of already fragile Europe. And then, infighting among the EU nations will really create another tidal wave.
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