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    Nord Stream gas pipeline launched in Germany

    Bone of Contention: European Politicians at Odds Over Nord Stream 2

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    European politicians remain at loggerheads about the economic feasibility of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, according to the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

    The construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has already caused a "grandiose discussion"  among European politicians,  journalist Klaus Stratmann said in his article, which was published by the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

    Opponents of the project include Slovakia's President Andrej Kiska (Andrej Kiska), who said, in particular, that the project "runs counter to the interests of the EU in terms of reducing dependence on gas supplies from Russia," Stratmann quoted Kiska as saying.

    Kiska was echoed by Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, who criticized the project, which he will not contribute to the diversification of energy supplies to the EU.

    Launch of second section of Nord Stream gas pipeline
    © Sputnik/ Alexey Kudenko
    Launch of second section of Nord Stream gas pipeline

    Speaking at the EU summit in mid-December, Tusk referred to an assessment by the European Commission, according to which Nord Stream 2 will only strengthen the dominant position the Russian company Gazprom holds on the German market.

    "So Germany, which is the main supporter of the construction of the new pipeline, had to defend himself: Chancellor Angela Merkel came up with the argument that Nord Stream 2 is a purely the economic project of private investors," Stratmann said.

    Late last month, Der Spiegel magazine reported that the German government is reluctant to scrap the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is designed to deliver gas from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea.

    "We have not been promoting this project and at the same time we do not counteract it," Der Spiegel quoted German authorities as saying.

    The Nord Stream 2 is slated to use the original Nord Stream pipeline for 86 percent of the route before branching off. It will have a capacity to transport up to 55 billion cubic meters of Russian gas to its European customers. In September 2015, Russian energy giant Gazprom started the project with a consortium of five large European energy companies, namely, BASF, EON, Engie, OMV and Shell.

    Early in December, the Baltic states and Poland issued a joint letter to Brussels criticizing the construction of Nord Stream 2. In contrast, Germany's special coordinator for Russia policy Gernot Erler said that the development of the Nord Stream 2 project would contribute to ensuring energy security in Europe.


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    • avatar
      Noone forces EU to purchasing more gas then is needed, so whats the problem?

      Having more optional supply is pure win-win for EU.
    • at anyone working at SputnikNews. i will proof read your articles free of charge. this is a good website and it can be great, but please proof read these articles. thank you.

      which he will not contribute to the diversification of energy supplies to the EU.
      which ( it ) will not contribute to the diversification of energy supplies to the EU.

      Nord Stream 2 is a purely the economic project of private investors
      Nord Stream 2 is purely the economic project of private investors

      Germany's special coordinator for Russia policy Gernot Erler
      Germany's special coordinator for Russia(n) policy Gernot Erler
    • avatar
      All the new EU country's like to tell the old EU country's how to behave and what to do ....
      to my opinion this country's don't enrich old EU. For sure more atomic war head's will nowe be pointed to the west Capitals.

      The Baltic State's are calling for NATO forces ("but for what/) and there own population Is a mass immigrating to the UK.

      The East EU state's like only good jobs in Brussels and for the rest the money from the other country's.
    • Mother Gorilla
      No problem with purchasing gas from Russia, but is the project sound from the point of view of ecology?
    • avatar
      I am not against to buy gas from Russia, because it could be a great exange of values between more nations, helping to straight positive ties.. BUT:

      - what about NorthStream where ITALY (ENI, SAIPEM and GAZPROM) were initially at 50% / 50% (as the best old italian tradiction in this affairs) ?
      germany and france cryied and forced italy to give them quotas of this important project geopolitical and energetical project, giving to them 30% of OUR (italian) 50% quota. And WHY??

      Later, germany and USA forced and imposed to Italy, as always, to go against his national interest, destroying and blocking the SouthStream pipeline.. our company SAIPEM lost billions of € from this !!! and WHY ??? "sanction against the bad russian bear! you can't build nothing with russians!"...

      And now germany, with impunity and giant hypocrisy, is going to build, not the first one, BUT THE SECOND PIPELINE called northstream2, and all in germany interests/company/control... where are now the "russian sanctions" ?? where is the equity of treatment ? where are the "international rules" ? where is the respect for Italy and all countries where southstream would pass ????

      this is the real face of european union: a giant criminal block of oligarchs, in the hands of few people from germany, usa, france and israel. Two weight and two measure, double standard.

      you imposed me to don't build southstream, while you already built your PRIVATE (german) pipeline without let enter and share in the business italian companies, and then you build your SECOND pipeline... what does it mean this double standard ??!

      It means that eu is a criminal oligarch regime, where Italy is a colony, a slave where to lost all and every time.
      We must take back our dignity and national sovereignity !!!! as soon as possible, because, for the third time in 100, german people are destroing european nations and causing giant problems!!! they are dangerous!! and nobody can't say the contrary because it is just a fact.
    • Lubos Vokoun
      I would take the arguments of the eastern leaders seriously provided that they take full responsibility for the situation when Kiev will block the agreement on gas transit through Ukraine (will need to be renegotiated in 2019 I believe), leading to shortage of gas in EU. Or do this leaders want to end-up with Qatar or US LNG? That can't really compete with gas from Russia in free market. Since Kiev prefer to hurt Ukraine if it cause some trouble to Russia one can easily imagine the negotiation.
      I am thinking about a public ritual suicide of the leaders as a proper responsibility taking.
    • Lubos Vokoun
      And regarding the SouthStream, the leaders objecting the NorthStream loudly now should have been defending it when EU was against - I don't remember any letter to Brussels demanding that it should continue or similar activity ...
    • avatar
      Gernot Erler said that the development of the Nord Stream 2 project would contribute to ensuring energy security in Europe.

      and that is the nub of the matter - energy security. Against that the Poles and the Balts are powerless.

      I always find it interesting when reading these articles how in the '80's issues and problems such as this were used as themes in commercially available wargames.
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