01:38 GMT06 August 2021
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    MH17 Crash Investigation (261)

    The Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada) has prolonged the stay of Malaysian experts investigating the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 until August 18, 2016.

    KIEV (Sputnik) – The extension of the Ukraine-Malaysia agreement was supported by 247 parliament members on Friday and still needs to be signed by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

    Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crashed over the Donetsk region in southeastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 people on board.

    According to a report from the Dutch Safety Board (DSB), the MH17 aircraft was shot down using a Russia-produced Buk surface-to-air missile system.

    The organization said the missile could have been fired from anywhere within an area of 320 square kilometers (123 square miles) in southeastern Ukraine, where fighting between independence supporters and Kiev forces was ongoing at the time.

    Kiev has accused independence supporters of downing the MH17 aircraft.

    Almaz-Antey, the Russian arms manufacturer that builds Buk missile systems, conducted a separate probe into the crash, which found that the missile that hit the plane could only have been launched by a Buk system located in the region of Zaroshchenske, controlled by Kiev forces at the time of the incident.

    MH17 Crash Investigation (261)


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