22:23 GMT10 April 2021
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    According to Dagens Nyheter, newcomers seeking asylum in Sweden may be offered volunteer jobs on the Swedish farms. A detailed feasibility study of the new project is expected to be presented in February 2015.

    As the refugee crisis in Europe is going on, the EU governments are coming up with more and more crazy ideas of how to integrate the newcomers into the local society.

    The Swedish government for instance proposed that migrants seeking asylum in Sweden would be offered to work as volunteers on Swedish farms.

    In return, they will receive housing which is expected to be provided by their "employers", work experience and language skills, the newspaper wrote.

    For some reason, the Swedish Government has viewed such a decision as a very profitable one, even despite the fact that the organization of the whole process would already cost Swedish taxpayers about 17,600 kronor (more than $2,000) a month.

    The government believes that the Farmers Union opens up fantastic opportunities for the workers and employees, Swedish Minister of Culture Alice Bah Kuhnke said, cited by the DN.

    However, Swedish farmers don't seem to be too excited about the idea of getting a free work force in such a way. Only one in ten of the 170,000 members of the Farmers' Union said they would not rule out the possibility of taking in such "workers" and hosting them at their homes.


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