11:44 GMT29 September 2020
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    Refugees should be poor if they want government assistance, according to the Danish government, which is considering having police search and seize asylum seekers' money and valuables.

    Denmark's government has proposed stripping asylum seekers requesting government assistance of money and valuables, leaving them with only the most bare personal possessions, Denmark's Politiken newspaper reported.

    According to the proposal, backed by several ruling coalition parties, Danish police would be allowed to search arriving refugees and confiscate their possessions. Refugees would be allowed to bring in around $440 in cash, a mobile phone, a laptop, a watch and "personal possessions" including wedding rings. Other valuable possessions would be confiscated.

    "It is unacceptable for Danish taxpayers to pay for asylum seekers who brought wealth with them," Danish Conservative Party integration commissar Naser Khader said.

    The Danish government, led by Migration Minister Inger Stojberg, has implemented increasingly tough measures to limit the number of refugees arriving in the country. Assistance payments were decreased, while the government placed advertisements in Libyan newspapers, telling refugees to not come to Denmark.

    Denmark also began facing a new refugee issue after Sweden mandated passport checks for refugees on ferries. As a result, refugees attempting to reach Sweden would be stuck on the Danish coast, and the Danish government would have to find ways to take care of them.


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