18:23 GMT22 April 2021
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    Les Republicains deputy Yannick Moreau told Sputnik France that the terrorist attacks in Paris cause the French government to rethink many of its policies, including those on immigration, and Syria.

    The terrorist attacks in Paris force the French government to rethink many of its policies, particularly regarding law and order, immigration, and the Syrian crisis, French National Assembly deputy Yannick Moreau told Radio Sputnik on Monday.

     "First of all, it's necessary to completely change penal policy in our country, in order to ensure the security of the French people, to end this leniency, that stops us from sending people to prison when they commit a crime. Prisons need to serve as protection for the French against those who present a threat to their security and civilization."

    "After that it is necessary to change our migration policy, to establish control over Europe's external borders and the French borders in order to stop the flow of migrants, and Islamists who are hiding among the economic and political refugees, saving themselves from war in the Middle East."

    "Finally, it is necessary to completely change our military strategy, and also politics in relation to Syria. France must effectively cooperate militarily with Russia and the US, in order to beat the barbarians from groups like ISIL or Jabhat-al-Nusra in Syria and Iraq. That must be done in coordination with the Syrian army on the ground, as Russia has been doing for a month already."

    "Vladimir Putin is right. He has gone down a path that can be characterized as the reasonable route, which conforms with the interests of Russia, as well as those of the Judeo-Christian world as a whole," said the deputy.

    "Of course they [the terrorist acts] are connected to France's foreign policy in the Middle East," said Moreau, who called on the French government to follow the example of Russia and cooperate with the Syrian government in order to beat the terrorists.

    Moreau, a deputy of France's main opposition party, 'Les Republicains,' also expressed his wish to travel to Syria to see for himself the truth of the situation. He wants to hold discussions with civic groups, politicians and religious leaders there in order to be able to make the right foreign policy decisions for France.

    A French fighter jet taxis along the runway in an undisclosed location, in this handout picture released by the ECPAD late November 15, 2015
    © REUTERS / ECPAD-French Defence Ministry/Handout via Reuters
    "I have always thought that the drama in Syria and the killing of Christians in the Middle East is a reality that concerns all of us in France and Europe. I wanted to travel to Syria, in order to get the information for myself, to discover the reality that is not reported by the western media."

    As well as changing the minds of fellow politicians, Moreau said he wanted to influence the opinions of ordinary French people, "who didn't even think that we have another solution to fight and be victorious in the battle against Islamic extremists. That solution is dialogue with Syria, which has been fighting terrorism on the front line for five years."


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