03:31 GMT08 April 2020
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    The refugee crisis has reached historic levels in the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Yet instead of providing assistance, NATO holds a gigantic Mediterranean military maneuver simulating confrontation with Russia.

    A total of 26,000 well-trained soldiers are participating in the useless war games while volunteers in Germany are running their legs off, DWN wrote.

    The forthcoming winter will be a humanitarian catastrophe for hundreds of thousands of refugees along the Mediterranean and the Balkan route, human rights organizations report, and there is utter political chaos in the EU member states, with European authorities completely overwhelmed.

    The voluntary aid organizations in Austria and Germany are on the verge of collapse. The countries’ authorities have lost control and fear that the situation may become worse.

    At the same time, NATO, which is financed by the money of the European taxpayers, is holding its largest maneuvers in the past ten years instead of starting a humanitarian aid operation.

    According to DWN, NATO could gather its forces and do everything possible to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, for instance, help European Frontex troops to secure the EU's external borders.

    Instead, a total of 36,000 soldiers from 30 countries, including non-NATO Austria and Sweden, as well as 140 aircraft, 90 ships and submarines, are taking part in the "Trident Juncture" exercise, designed to prepare NATO forces for a response to new threats, including the alleged threat from Russia.

    According to DWN, NATO is definitely lacking political oversight. While the EU has a real problem of existence, where the lives of hundreds of thousands of refugees are at stake and where there is a serious threat to European security, 36,000 well-equipped NATO soldiers are "playing" war against an imaginary enemy.

    “What a waste of resources, what bad planning, what inhumane arrogance,” the newspaper wrote, adding that Europe is likely to fall into a deep crisis if no practical steps are taken in the near future.


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