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    UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage speaks at a press conference in London on July 30, 2015, where he set out the party's vision for a 'No' vote in an referendum on EU membership that Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to hold before the end of 2017.

    US Official Was Allegedly Paid for Warning UK Against Brexit

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    Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, has alleged that United States Trade Representative Michael Froman could have been paid for warning the UK against leaving the European Union.

    During his latest appearance on the Andrew Marr Show, leader of the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage suggested that United States Trade Representative Michael Froman could have had a vested interest in sounding a warning that the US will not sign a trade deal with the UK if Britain leaves the EU.

    "He's clearly been paid to say that, hasn't he? This is the big political club gathering around the Prime Minister who clearly is in desperate trouble with the referendum," Farage said as quoted by the Independent.

    Farage alleged that Froman could have been paid by "the state department, or something."

    On Wednesday Michael Froman said that the US is unlikely to sign a separate trade deal with the UK in the event of a Brexit. The US Trade Representative pointed out that London would face trade barriers while re-establishing economic ties with the US on its own.

    It is no secret that Washington wants Britain to remain a part of the EU. The US envisages signing the widely discussed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the European Union. If the UK leaves the bloc it will not be regarded as a TTIP member and face additional trade tariffs.

    To complicate matters further, the United States is the UK's second biggest export market after the EU. The situation voiced by Froman could deal a severe blow to the country's economy.

     A nation-wide referendum on whether the UK would remain a part of the EU is due to take place before the end of 2017.

    Nigel Farage has repeatedly bemoaned the fact that Britain has ultimately transformed into a junior member of a "Germany-dominated club."

     "What we are seeing is an increasingly authoritarian EU that crushes democratic rights & then actually crows about it," the politician wrote on his Twitter account. 


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