16:28 GMT26 November 2020
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    The envisaged increase in expenditure on the United Kingdom's nuclear deterrent program, the Trident system, might convince Labour politicians to take a negative stance on the project and beef up existing opposition in Scotland, a member of the Scrap Trident Coalition told Sputnik Tuesday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik), Anastasia Levchenko – On Monday, London announced a spending increase for revamping the country's Trident ballistic nuclear missile-equipped submarine system to 167 billion pounds ($256 billion), up from an original 100-billion-pound estimate.

    "We hope that the figure released today [on Monday] will persuade many more Labour MPs to adopt the anti-Trident stance of their leader Jeremy Corbyn. It is also likely to increase the already strong popular opposition to nuclear weapons in Scotland," David Mackenzie stressed.

    According to Mackenzie, the move is extremely cynical, especially since it comes at a time when the UK government is trying to slash tax credits for the working poor, an amendment that would reduce the incomes of around 3 million people.

    "The priorities [of Conservative government] are clear — the retention and renewal of this horrifying weapon of mass destruction," Mackenzie noted, adding that the determination to renew the weapon system was "both foolish and murderous."

    The UK Royal Navy’s Faslane naval base is the only facility in the country capable of hosting the four Vanguard-class Trident ballistic missile-equipped submarines.

    The UK parliament is due to vote on maintaining the Trident program in 2016.


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