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    Almaz-Antey to Demand Compensation From EU for Sanctions, Buk Experiments

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    Russian air defense manufacturer Almaz Antey is including all the losses it incurred as a result of EU sanctions and the expense of two full-fledged actual experiments into the MH17 downing in the lawsuit it has filed with the European General Court against the EU Council.

    The total figure of the financial losses has not been revealed, however it could potentially amount to up to several million US dollars, according to the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

    The total amount will also include the ten million rubles ($163,000) the company spent on two full-fledged actual experiments into the MH17 downing, Almaz-Antey CEO Yan Novikov told the newspaper.

    “Despite the high cost of the work, all the financing of the investigation into the causes of the Malaysian Boeing-777 disaster in the skies above Ukraine has been provided at the company’s own expense, including the full-fledged actual experiment. The cost of the experiment amounted to about ten million rubles,” Novikov said.

    “As a result of the international sanctions, Russian air defense manufacturer Almaz-Antey has incurred substantial losses and its reputation has been called into question. We considered it sufficiently reasonable to confirm the theoretical conclusions of our experts using the results of a live experiment; they aimed to prove the noninvolvement of the company in the tragedy in the south-east of Ukraine,” he added.

    The company will demand compensation from the EU when its case is examined in the European General Court.

    Almaz-Antey has already consulted with its lawyers, who confirmed that they have an opportunity to include all the incurred losses in the total amount of the claim.

    The company has already filed the lawsuit against the EU Council with the European General Court in Luxembourg. It is demanding an explanation as to why it has been included in the list of sanctioned Russian companies.

    The lawsuit will now include a demand for compensation for its losses.

    “Our purpose is not to find those guilty of the tragedy; that it the aim of the criminal investigation,” Novikov said. “Our task is narrow and clear: we are the company which has experienced the financial losses, our purpose is to prove that the sanctions introduced against our company have no grounds and should be lifted.”

    Almaz-Antey has every intention to defend itself against libelous accusations.

    The company hopes to resume its deliveries in full as soon as the sanctions are lifted, as, its CEO has said, there is high demand for its military products around the world, regardless of international political and financial-economic instability.


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