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    Migrants wait to board buses on a field, after they crossed the border with Serbia, near the village of Babska, Croatia September 24, 2015

    EU Plans to Turn Serbia Into Refugee 'Colony' in Exchange for Membership

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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1812)

    The European Union is actively exploiting Serbia's bid for membership of the bloc to turn it into one of the largest refugee reception camps, a move that should be met with opposition, the chairman of Serbia's Dveri political movement told Sputnik.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik), Svetlana Alexandrova — Serbia submitted an application to join the European Union in 2009 and received EU candidate status in 2012. Formal negotiations on Serbian accession to the bloc started in January 2014.

    "Serbia must oppose the dictates from Brussels that plans to turn Serbia and other Balkan states into the largest refugee reception point, an immigrant colony, as it might thus become another condition of Serbia joining the European Union," Bosko Obradovic stated.

    According to the Dveri chairman, Brussels pursues its own secret agenda in an attempt to channel a deluge of undocumented immigrants into non-EU states that will be forced to silently agree, tethered by their EU membership aspirations.

    "There is an unwritten plan to redirect a refugee flow through non-members of the European Union, such as Macedonia and Serbia, instead of allowing asylum-seekers to continue their journey to Western Europe through EU member-states such as Bulgaria, Slovakia and Romania," Obradovic underlined.

    The ongoing refugee crisis might result in religious and cultural conflicts, as well as problems of an economic, social and security nature, he added.

    Serbia needs to close its borders amid the migrant crisis since Belgrade is not responsible for the conflicts in the Middle East and Africa that are causing the mass exodus, the politician stressed.

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1812)


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    • Earnie
      there are so many serbians asking for asylum every year in eu, it's their time to give something back.
    • avatar
      Serbia go to BRICS, SCO, Eurasian Union! What has Europe ever done for you?
      I was 14 years in Croatia and Bósnia from 1992 up to 2012 working for UN and later EU. I love all the people in ex Jugoslavya... and I have to say that jugoslavensky people didn´t know but, before the war they were the happieste people in the world with the best standard of living in average... I am pretty sure about this..I was living through all the world.. but even today the most of ex Jugoslavya doesn´t belive at this... but it was absolutely true. The war was pre planned by USA and Germany to destroy Jugoslavya into micro States as they are today to have a better and easier control of them... countries like Kosov, Slovenja, Macedonia, Monte Negro, etc... they are so tiny that they are just a kind of Jokes States... so all of them are simply just poor vassals and slaves of USA and EU... this intention from EU to blackmail Serbia with the refugees is something so low under the point of view human and political that if I were a Serb I would never more think about to join EU... blackmail is gangsters business and EU is controled by USA and German Al Capones... If Serbia accepts this kind of blackmail from EU Gangsters it will be a very huge mistake 1º To join EU it is just a dream that when it comes real will become a nigthmare... and no way out from that nigthmare.. look at Greece.. they are just political and economical and fiscal EU slaves, like my own country, etc.. 2º All the refugees being muslims and many of them from Kosovo are critical and huge potential Serbia enemies... Serbia don´t foget that Bosnian Muslims will do everything thy can to destroy Serbia... and they will take advantage of those muslims, so called refugees, who are under control from USA... then Serbia still has a huge potential problem with the Muslims from Novy Pazar... If the Serbain politicians will be so stupid that will accept theses refuggees very soon Serbia will be again divided having Novy Pazar Region Independent with the support from all thos Evil political powers from USA and EU.. Please Serbia just think one time not two about what stupidity you may do... it is already enough stupid to request to join EU , the same EU who has bombshelled Serbia,.... did you forget about that???
    • jaodernein garshinvic
      Why Serbia should reach those who supported NATO, that illegally attacked and bombed their country?
      The 1999 bombing of Serbian hospitals, civilian houses, or the massacre of the passenger train Belgrade Thessaloniki can't be forgotten only for a ticket entry to such an infamous club.
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