23:20 GMT25 November 2020
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    German media has never been neutral towards Russia. Since the Ukraine crisis and Russia's intervention in Syria, media reports contain mostly hatred, “demonizing” Russian President Vladimir Putin and the country as a whole, Contra Magazin wrote.

    German media is trying to create a negative picture of the Russian government and Vladimir Putin, in particular. Its aim is to discredit him in its readers’ eyes and label Russia as country where mostly bad things happen.

    For example, when the members of the Russian feminist group Pussy Riot initiated their scandalous performance in the church and were punished in accordance with the law, Putin was accused of pursuing authoritarian and undemocratic policies, regardless of the fact that the “activists” would probably face similar penalties in many other European countries, the author wrote.

    The same is true for the issue of homosexuality. When the Moscow State Duma passed a law, according to which children must be protected against the display of such practices, Russian authorities were immediately accused of homophobia and nobody took into account the fact that this no longer was a criminal offense, as it was during the Soviet Union, or that in some other countries homosexuals may face capital punishment.

    In the Ukrainian conflict, German media immediately began to accuse Russia of alleged military involvement in the conflict and blame it for MH-17 plane crash, even before the investigation started.

    And now, after Russia started its military operation in Syria, German media is following the same strategy. Successful attacks on ISIL and other jihadist militias are being criticized, while Americans remain the “good guys” even despite their obvious failure in the country, the author wrote.

    According to the journalist, this is one-sided propaganda part of an information war against Russia, the goal of which is to represent Vladimir Putin as evil and to discredit the whole country.  


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