10:53 GMT +325 March 2017
    Nearly 100,000 People Protest Against US Nuclear Weapons in Germany

    Nearly 100,000 People Protest Against US Nuclear Weapons in Germany

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    They called on German authorities to stop further nuclear armaments on German soil.

    Almost 100,000 people signed a petition addressing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, German President Joachim Gauck and the German government not to deploy new nuclear weapons in Germany.

    The initiative was launched amid the US’ plans to station up to 20 additional B 61-12 nuclear bombs at Büchel airbase. The activities are being conducted within a NATO sharing program and are raising concerns domestically and internationally.

    Activists, who launched a petition on the platform for social change Change.org, call on the federal government to stop NATO’s nuclear activities in Germany.

    They stress that such activities violate Articles 1 and 2 of the Non-Proliferation Treaty as well as Art. 26 Para 1 of the German constitution, according to which actions undertaken with intent to disturb peaceful relations between nations, especially, to prepare the war of aggression, are considered unconstitutional and punishable.

    A large majority of Bundestag MPs decided in March 2010 that the federal government should "urge American allies to withdraw US nuclear weapons from Germany." However, instead of disarmament the US is planning to deploy some 20 additional nuclear weapons with the explosive power of 80 Hiroshima bombs, according to Focus Online.

    “Since this is about strengthening offensive weapons, we call on the federal government, the Parliament, the Chancellor and the Federal President to stop nuclear armaments on German soil,” the petition said.


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    • Europe has not seen any opposition to the great satan because all its politics have been taken over by the synagogue of satan ruling with its evil axis of cryptos(cameron,merkel,hollsnd), gays (guido) and freemasons. Apart from Spain the rest of Europe is in some kind of slumber over this yiddish domination of its political discourse and media institutions.
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      Here is a History lesson to Ukrainians, Americans and West Europe.


      Note the Coat of Arms, Compare it to Roman Coat of that area (Wiki that)

      Compare the Flag of jaroslavl (one of first viking cities in Russia)

      to the Ukrainian Coat of Arms Flag, same

      jaroslavl was a Swedish viking slav/varjag offspring who was alive 1019 way before the banderas. The Prussia is our soil, Rus soil. The German vandals are occupying our land.

      This is the Empire Russian Coat of Arms

      Same as Prussia, Same as this
      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prussia the difference is Russia had yellow background.

      Prussia is Rus-land, Bolsjevik Lenin was sponsored by German Vandals and UK imperialist and now we got Nukes pointing at German-Russians again. Never in history have any other ethnical group been more discriminated and neglected their right to their soil. They even managed to brain wash Ukrainians, whos coat of arms are from jaroslavl.
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      The link to the petition has disappeared! Good work NWO
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