16:20 GMT05 December 2020
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    Former WikiLeaks-volunteer-turned-FBI informant “Siggi the hacker” has been sentenced to three years in prison for the rapes of nine teenage boys from 2011 through 2013.

    Sigurður Ingi Þórðarson was sentenced in a Reykjanes District Court on Friday for the crimes.  He was also ordered to pay his victims $67,000 in restitution. 

    Sigurður previously volunteered with secret-spilling site WikiLeaks before being accused of embezzling money from the organization by its founder, Julian Assange. During the Reykjanes trial, Assange testified by phone against Sigurður.

    Following his falling out with WikiLeaks, Sigurður was exposed for turning over internal WikiLeaks documents to the FBI as a paid informant.

    In August 2011, Sigurður emailed the US embassy in Iceland promising "intel" on Assange and WikiLeaks; the following day he walked into the embassy and showed Assange's passport while further offering to snitch on WikiLeaks, and the Bureau accepted his offer, Iceland Magazine reported.

    During the trial, it was revealed that Sigurður would offer the teenagers money — up to $200,000 — as well as vacations and expensive cars in return for sexual favors.  When the teens denied him, he would engage in intense and aggressive sexual harassment through Facebook and email.

    Sigurður would reportedly also promise to hack the boy’s school systems to change their grades or attendance records.
    The court ruled that Sigurður is a sociopath with a severe anti-social personality disorder.  They ruled that he did know right from wrong, however, and could not be considered insane and unfit to stand trial.

    Earlier this year, Sigurður was also sentenced to 8 months in prison for violating another 17-year-old boy, and was given a separate 2-year suspended sentence for fraud in yet another case.


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