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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1819)
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    Protection of a refugee camp costs German taxpayers hundreds thousands of euros. Many dubious security companies use this opportunity to receive lucrative contracts and are unable to provide protection services up to required standards, Die Welt reported.

    The EU is currently facing a major refugee crisis, with hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing the Middle East and African countries and entering the European continent through various routes.

    Europe’s tackling of the crisis leaves much to be desired. Actions of European countries have so far been highly uncoordinated and have lead to a situation where every EU member state is struggling against the increasing inflow of refugees.

    Germany is currently facing a difficult task: to host and place 800,000 people within its borders, which is not only a daunting logistical problem, but also a security challenge. Refugee reception facilities are usually protected by private security firms, many of which are overwhelmed and not prepared for the challenging task, Die Welt wrote.

    Private companies in Germany make huge amounts of money providing protection services for migrant camps.  However, some of the people they hire are simply not suitable for the work with traumatized refugees, because of their personal traits of character or political beliefs. Abuse and violence in refugee facilities are becoming an increasingly frequent practice, raising resentment among media and the local population.

    The situation is complicated by the fact that the market is being flooded by dubious security providers, interested in the lucrative contracts and using the refugee crisis as a chance for the big money.

    "The protection of a facility in which so many people of different nationalities and cultures live in a small space, makes high demands of the employees," Ernst Steuger, managing director of a Nuremberg’s security company said, cited by the newspaper.

    However, the guards working in migrant camps usually undergo only a one-week training program with a subsequent, easy test at the end.

    Steueger suggests that the employed security workers should undergo a three-year public special education program to become a specialist in the field of safety and security. They also should conduct legal and psychological training to work in refugee facilities and be prepared for intercultural aspects of their work.

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1819)


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