08:40 GMT18 January 2021
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    The Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine, which also calls itself the Ukrainian government in exile, plans to stage a peaceful revolution in Kiev, recognize Crimea as part of Russia and Donbass as an independent republic, the Committee’s presidential hopeful announced in Moscow on Friday.

    In an interview with Gazeta.ru online paper Volodymyr Oleinik said the Committee planned to start active work next month.

    Volodymyr Oleinik said he was certain that, enraged by the ever-rising utility bills, unemployment and rampant inflation, Ukrainians would take to the streets this fall and receive much-needed support from the Committee’s regional organizations of former bureaucrats, law enforcers and members of the Party of Regions all sidelined in the wake of the 2014 Maidan “revolution.”

    Oleinik also counts on support from opposition-minded European Socialists.

    “They now feel the pinch of the anti-Russian sanctions forced on them by the fascist leaders in Kiev,” he said.

    After taking power Volodymyr Oleinik said he would end antiterrorist operations and the economic blockade of Donbass, negotiate with the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and recognize Crimea as part of the Russian Federation.

    He also promised to make Ukraine a federative state and if the people of Donbass vote for independence – to let them go.

    The Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine was officially presented in Moscow on August 3 by ex-Premier Mykola Azarov who fled to Moscow after the 2014 takeover in Kiev.

    PR support for the CSU is provided by Ukrainian showman-turned-Russia-Today output editor Yuri Kot.

    According to Gazeta.ru, “Azarov and his team coordinated the project with the Russian leadership.”


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